A Complete Guide to Aries Birthstone

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Birthstone of Aries – is a super-powerful stone that has the special ability to want to be first in everything, which may be because Aries is the first sign in the zodiac sign. The Aries’s birthstone considered as the fearless, loudest and baldest of the zodiac sign. The conundrum of Aries seems like the leader but also a toddler, a soldier but also a child. Being the “fire” sign and the first zodiac sign, Aries people are very independent and headstrong and sometimes they are bit selfish, bombastic, loud and domineering, but underneath that brash interior lays a heart of gold because Aries people usually are childlike, they will make you laugh and lead you off into a fantastic adventure. Usually, they laugh the loudest, play the hardest and they give you their heart. They are very loyal, energetic, enthusiastic and heroic people.

With that said, there is no doubt that Aries birthstone has a big impact on your life, including your personality, health, relationship, and career. 

So, what are you waiting for? Read on and find more detailed information about the Aries birthstone. 

What is the Aries Birthstone?


Diamond is the birthstone of Aries which also responds to Aquamarine, Bloodstone, Jasper and Topaz Sapphire. 

Aries people can create themselves in a bold way, express their unique ideas, be the best at what they can do and compete to win. Literally, they are always willing to take any challenges in life and often seen as proud, egoistic and impatient. Their birthstone is the lucky stone that supports vigorous nature, people’s dynamic and stabilizes their bountiful energies.

In addition, Aries direct their energy outward that makes them love to initiate, take charge, lead and be in control like the cardinal sign or the fire sign that also initiates the spring season. It is characterized by having a full amount of energy, ready to go and full of determinations to take charge in order to create themself and to be the best in everything that they do, which is also associated with Diamonds. The Aries birthstone is ruled by the fierce planet which is Mars, conducts its energy with it, makes it more have impulsive soulful energy, sympathetic and powerful stone.

The Diamond helps Aries to defeat and overcome their fear of losing their power, authority, and control. 

Diamonds provide guidance to focus energy towards the divinity will aspects of Aries people as it makes them become more patient, courageous, spontaneous, creative, decisive and ambitious. This birthstone was thought of bringing victory to battles and protection to battles.

Diamonds develop inner visions and enhance imagination, working together with Aries zodiac sign diamonds are the strongest stone to use as they magnify the energy with less intense stones.

Diamonds boost confidence, inner strength and enhance connections that can be leading to a balanced life, capacity of making the right choices and decisions, and healthy lifestyle.


Jasper is the lucky and the planetary birthstone for Aries is one of Jasper’s common colors is red which is the Aries lucky color, thus it is known to prolong Aries people energies, restless temperament, stabilize impulsiveness, balance their positive and negative energies, and inspire their determination and handwork. 


Aquamarine is another yet uncommon birthstone for Aries, as this gemstone speaks intellectual clarity, emotional depth and even a sense of mysticism and magic. This beautiful blue-green birthstone for Aries has strong energy to help you in finding your clear visons and letting you go of emotional issues. A stone of strong communication that will help you clear your thoughts which can soothe your energy that might release old issues.


Topaz, on the other hand, engraved the talisman stone on Aries, this gemstone is also known as the stone of magic for Aries birthstone which can improve eyesight, boosting physical vitality, and protection to harm.


Bloodstone is also a great stone for Aries birthstone as it was believed to enhance courage and increase physical strength. This gemstone had the power to cause rain, thunder, tempest, and lightening. It was also thought of as an audible oracle that can help you enhance creativity and give off a sound of warning. It is an excellent stone to help you let go of negative thoughts or influences and develop your intuition. The energy of this stone stimulates intuition that can help you in stimulating pleasant dreams. It is also thought in helping eyesight, eliminating toxins and can be effective in healing problems with the blood, kidney, and bladder.

Aries Birthstone Key Traits

The key traits of Aries people are being confident, loyal, adventurous, passionate and ambitious. They are excellent when it comes to leadership skills, they know how to guide others, they can always access situations and come up with solutions to address any challenges. 

Most people born under the Aries sign are a natural-born leader, unpredictable and impulsive. Literally, Aries has a good sense of breaking the boredom and keeping people thinking of their next move since due to spontaneity it is hard to predict if what will be their next plans. 

The conundrum of Aries as the first sign is “Its a leader but also a toddler, It’s also a soldier but it’s also a child.” They are enthusiastic, brave and vigorous to face challenges and frank in taking actions. 

Being the fire sign, Arians are independent and do not adhere to norms since they possess of having strong leadership skill, they hate following orders, usually, they like autonomy and breaking norms. Aries believes in their own way of doing things rather than following pre-determined rules. 

Aries individuals are known as honest, truthful and straightforward. They don’t tolerate bias and conduct their affairs in a straightforward manner. Moreover, they can detect the vindictive characters from distance and doesn’t easily fall into a trap of lies. 

The other thing about Aries is sometimes they have a bit bad-tempered. However, they are good at apologizing to people and on the positive side, they never stay angry for long and they are always open for forgiveness. 

Arians or Ariens are naturally ambitious people who can help them succeed in their professional or personal life.

Aries Birthstone Color and Meanings

Aries symbol is the ram, an animal that attempts to achieve anything by using the impact of its head. The Diamond is the birthstone of Aries zodiac sign. Its unique properties, crystalline structure and matchless color influence the positive and negative traits of Aries. 

The Diamond gemstone color marks the red and white growth face of Aries which means the lowest to the highest. This beautiful birthstone of Aries is rarest and the hardest mineral of all the crystal gemstones. 

Diamonds attract abundance, power, strength, imagination, increased feelings of self-love and respect and a relationship that has pure love. Otherwise, the birthstone assigned in Aries zodiac sign represents innocence, harmony, faithfulness, purity, and love which is also associated with honor, creativity, courage, and ambitions. 

In addition, it was believed to fill and blew out negative thoughts in oneself with the purity of love that makes life becomes clearer and easier since it also brings out a balance in a relationship and career. 

Aries Birthstone in Rings, Necklace, and Jewelry

aries birthstone

People born under the zodiac sign of Aries which birthstone is Diamond is known for being passionate and enthusiastic. They approach most of the things they love to do with fire and eagerness. Diamonds are the rarest and expensive crystal stones yet the most in-demand and value of all kinds of jewelry. 

Diamonds are said to be all women best friend, it will always be their first choice and most favorite because it is a highly lucky factor for them to wear earrings or rings which is studded with eye-catching diamonds. Women also feel special when someone gives them a very expensive gift of a necklace with diamonds. By wearing that jewelry along with diamond stones can proudly enhance their personalities and it also reminds them to dream, dare and fight or achieved big. It gives them unlimited inspirations and admirations. 

On the other hand, warriors of Greece go onto a battle wearing diamonds because they believed that it would provide them strength and that it is presented the tears of leaping gods. 

In addition, experts say wearing the life of stone which is the diamond can help to overcome reap and progress prosperity, happiness, and success in life. However, the true essence of diamonds is the ability to bring abundance and fulfillment.

Cleansing your Diamond Birthstone

Just like the other crystal, diamonds by nature are very attracted to dust, fingerprints, and dirt. They have a property that makes them sticky. In general, after a while that you don’t clean your diamond crystal stone or jewelry will start to look cloudy, yellowish like the look and it will lose the sparkle and brilliance that it has. Wearing your jewelry like rings often makes difficult to keep it look clean all the time. Here we will identify easy steps to keep your diamonds clean and shine.  The most effective and easy method to care and clean for a Diamond gemstone is cleaning them with warm and soapy room temperature water. 

In order to do this, you only need to let your diamond gemstone soak for several minutes in a glass bowl filled with the small amount of dish soap and hot warm water to remove or release its dirt, just let it sit there and after that brush the stone using a soft-bristled toothbrush.

To take off any of the soap residues that may still have it pour a little bit of water on it and make sure there is no more soap left on it.

In addition, to physically dry them off, put them into a clean soft cotton towel and let it dry there.

That method is always a safe cleaning method for Diamond stones; however, you can also use to clean your diamonds a jewelry cleaner if you have.


Aries signs are impulsive, impatient and love an argument, however, they are great at taking any challenges. They offer unwavering loyalty, give their undivided attention and support to others. 

For Aries people expressing themselves and ideas is the meaning of life of their survival. They are dedicated to their missions and won’t leave your side when you’re in a difficult situation. 

Being a fire sign, they are active, independent, risk-takers and amazing at expressing their emotions. They are always prepared in giving their opinions without fears of contradictions, giving their point of view with confidence and they are adamant in their beliefs and opinions. Moreover, they also have a huge amount of energy in pursuing what they want to do.

The connection of using and wearing Diamond birthstone can support each of their qualities and traits that can be a useful guide to their personality, relationship, and future success.

Therefore, I hope that these detailed complete guidelines and information about the Diamond birthstone will hopefully work for you in your favor!

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