The Power of Amazonite

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Generally, amazonite is a light green crystal that has hues ranging from grayish pistachio to turquoise or blue coloring that has jade greens in between. This crystal, on the other hand, was named after the Amazon River. Amazonite carries a lot of Amazonian attributes such as the power of friendship, strength, and fortitude. This will also help you in integrating feminine as well as masculine energies and help you in seeing the sides of the issue before seeking a solution. But aside from that, this stone has a lot more to offer. In today’s article, you will learn more about the power of amazonite.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

Power of Amazonite: Friendship

  • Chakra Correspondence
chakra correspondence of amazonite

Chakras in case you didn’t know are the energy centers in the body also known as Pana or Qi. Throughout the body, there are seven chakras and each one of them influences a certain mental, physical, or emotional state. Every point comes with associated color and crystal that’s mainly that color will have the most effect on that certain chakra.

When it comes to amazonite, it mostly affects the throat chakra and heart chakra since this stone is usually green or blue. The influences will include sincerity, truth, communication, and eloquence while stirring feelings of relationships, love, as well as self-acceptance.

On the other hand, the thymus gland can be found behind the sternum between your lungs. This will also stimulate the immune system during the young. Take note, this part is under the control of the heart chakra.

But nevertheless, amazonite is a stone that is believed to open and at the same time stabilize all the chakra.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Amazonite is also associated with parathyroid and thyroid glands, spleens, bones, teeth, nervous system, muscles, and metabolic processes. Further, it has a physiological correspondence to calcium utilization.

  • Vibration

This stone has an earthly vibration. However, the level of vibrations will depend on the color of the stone. Typically, brilliant turquoise Amazonite holds higher vibrations compared to the green one.  

Legendary Power of Amazonite

The Amazon in the Greek mythology histories is a matriarchal tribe of lady warriors worshipping Artemis, the virgin goddess of the moon, hunt, and wild places.

The reason why Artemis is a virgin is that she integrates feminine and masculine energies and was psychologically intact, instead of the physical sense.

The Greeks, on the other hand, thought that Amazons colonized a secretive space between the unknown and known worlds. As a matter of fact, such warlike ladies were close-knit sisterhoods that valued loyalty, courage, and most importantly, friendship. This is one reason why Amazonite is considered the power of friendship.

Amazons also cut off their breasts (right) in order to direct all their strength to their right arms, thus they could draw their bows better. One more thing, such independent women only mated when needed for the survival of their race. This will direct their creative and reproductive energies to the arts of sisterhood and war.

Healing Power of Amazonite

Legendary Power of Amazonite

Amazonite when it comes to the human body works pretty well with all your efforts to have a healthy lifestyle and good health.

The healing power of Amazonite can help with sinus, throat, lung, and chest problems. Also, it is believed to help with osteoporosis, calcium deficiency, and tooth decay. If you are dealing with gout or heart and liver-related issues, you can benefit from the healing power of this stone. The same goes for problems in the nervous system and brain.

Amazonite will also work on metabolism and promote deep and good sleep. The stone will protect your body from the effects of electromagnetic frequencies and subtle radiation like Wi-Fi that depletes the immune system of sensitive persons. Since Amazonite will resonate with calcium, crystal workers can use it to regulate calcium uptake in one’s body.

Transformation Power of Amazonite

According to the principles of sympathetic magic, the green color of Amazonite comes from the traces of lead making it great protection from electromagnetic smog. This crystal will transform consequential diseases into optimal well-being. Furthermore, it will deconstruct ingrained beliefs and transmute a destructive emotional pattern. This will then encourage creative thinking to help you make a new reality consciously. It will help a woman who can’t bear a child to look for other outlets for her creative energies.

Also, if you need bravery to move forward in life as well as break inter-reliant tendencies, Amazonite will encourage independence while drawing friends who are very supportive. Amazonite most especially the brilliant turquoise has fine energetic frequencies compared to the green one. When you’re exploring the higher realm of consciousness, this stone can offer powerful protection. It even disentangles harmful karmic connections that are operating over the higher chakras.

How to Harness the Powers of Amazonite

If you want to share the power of friendship, you can give Amazonite stones to your friends. Then schedule a regular time when you’ll think of one another while holding Amazonite.

Also, if you want that this crystal will influence your body in just a short period of time, wear Amazonite as a piece of jewelry. As mentioned, this stone influences the throat and heart chakras, so earrings, necklaces, pendants, and brooches are perfect.

You can also place a piece of Amazonite in your pocket or purse and utilized it is a touchstone all throughout the day.


If you want to make your relationship with your friends tighter and closer, then having a piece of Amazonite is extremely beneficial. But make sure your friends have Amazonite too.

Aside from the power of friendship, amazonite also has healing powers. So if you want to take advantage of this stone, then you should start using Amazonite.

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