VIvianite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Vivianite –a crystal that possesses energy, which may assist you in releasing negativity from your thinking as well as a valuable stone, which support in communication. It also helps you in having an even more empathetic capacity in sharing information with other people. The vibration it has might also inspire a much clearer and much more harmonious communication. Further, it also has essential metaphysical properties, which assist in removing whatever discordant energy there is from the aura. This clearing of these unwanted vibrations, which might help in improving your health. This is also known to be an amazing healing aid, benefiting the health in so many ways. In this article, we will discuss some more important facts about vivianite including its benefits. Read on to learn more!

Meanings and Properties

The meaning of this stone’s name may actually relate to the name of J G Vivian, an English mineralogist who happened to be the first ever person to discover the stone. This stone is actually a hydrated iron phosphate, which belongs to the vivianite mineral group. It has vibrant colors like green, blue, and colorless –having a vitreous luster. A lot of clusters are actually found within fossil, snail, or clam shells. They might also be seen attached on animal bone fossil.

The vivianite is translucent or transparent and may appear as radiating clusters of acicular, fibrous, or prismatic crystals, also encrusting and earthy masses. Moreover, vivianite is so beautiful as a stone, yet it should not be kept on perpetual display, specifically in direct sunlight, since it may darken and may even turn to black.

This particular phenomena is because of the oxidation of iron content in the stone. You can use the vivianite for empowerment or healing and put it in a dark place or wrap it in dark silk, in order to maintain its color.

The deposits of this crystal have been found in the United States, Brazil, Bolivia, Ukraine, Germany, and Australia. The color of it is dark green and / or deep blue, having some forming translucent or transparent crystals. The pieces of natural vivianite stone are well known to darken when they’re left exposed to different light sources.

Hence, a lot of books suggest that you need to keep it in a dark place, and don’t expose it to the sunlight, since it’s known to get darken. We will discuss some vivianite benefits later in this article. So if you want to know more about these, please keep on reading on to this article.

Reasons to Use It

The vivianite are beneficial for so many reasons, including to relieve burnout and stress, as well as to inspire much clearer communication. Particularly, one of the best uses of it is having it close in the day-to-day meditation. They’re valuable to use for meditation, since they might help in boosting the intuition. If you aren’t quite sure on how you can meditate with it, you can always look for some ways on the internet.

If you’re working on setting goals, the vivianite stones may assist you in letting go of the past ways of looking at a certain problem, and might help you with the release of memories, which may have help you with the release of memories, which have help you back from looking for solutions and attaining your goals.

This particular blue stone is also known to be essential if your goal is to travel when meditating in the higher dominions and it may help you in going to where you wish to go and come back safely. You can simply hold a piece of this stone in the hand while you meditate, and you’ll soon feel the strong compassionate vibration of it while filling your whole being.

Let us now move on to the vivianite valuable benefits!

Vivianite Essential Benefits

Vivianite possesses a fairly beautiful blue-green frequency, which possesses a strong action to assist in emotional healing. If your own relationship has already been lacking vigor or closeness, this stone might help you in rekindling the vibrancy and intensity of your own personal connection. The emotional health might be assisted by this action.

On an emotional note, it specifically reverberates in the heart and thymus or higher heart chakra and it assists in releasing negative and inharmonious energy from within the auric field. When you finally allow yourself in letting go of whatever undesirable energy you’ve been holding onto, you’ll feel even more serene and peaceful.

This stone’s energy is beneficial in relieving heartbreak and stress on a deeper emotional level, and assist in physical healing. Its vibration may stimulate in most people’s feelings of deep compassion for others, more especially for people who seek help after some kind of upheaval or trauma. This has an amazing healing action for people who are suffering from emotional wounding or shock after a distressing personal heartbreak or distressing injuries.

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