Facts About Tangerine Quartz: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Tangerine quartz is often referred to as the quartz point, cluster or mass, which is stained with iron oxide coating or film. This particular stain is found outside the crystal and might be removed once cleaned with an acid bath. Tumbling or polishing may also help in removing the color of it. Moreover, the tangerine quartz may also range in colors from pale yellow up to deep rust color. On a metaphysical note, the tangerine quartz is an excellent tool to use when you are working with some issues of the inner self. This also assists in evaluating and facing these inner issues with no criticism or judgment. The tangerine quartz energies actually allow for the release of past traumas or issues and forgiveness, which no longer serve and have help people back from going onward. Read on to this article to learn some more tangerine quartz
essential benefits!

Tangerine Quartz Meanings and Properties

The tangerine quartz is actually a silicon dioxide mineral that’s part of the quartz family. The color of this stone comes originally from the encrustations or inclusions of the iron oxide. The tangerine quartz also got its name from its color, which by the way, ranges from color red through orange.

Moreover, most of the tangerine quartz are found in Brazil, specifically in Minas Gerais. This place is where they’re formed once the mineral hematite gets to combine with water. The hematite, as you may know, is a kind of ironstone, which rusts when put in water. This rust will then bond to the surfaces of the clear quartzes, thus providing the tangerine quartz a distinct orange color. The large deposits of the tangerine quartz may be found in Madagascar and Brazil.

Metaphysically, the tangerine quartz is an outstanding tool to use when you are working with some concerns of the inner self. This also assists in assessing and facing these inner disputes with no denunciation or judgment. The tangerine quartz verves actually allow for the relief of past traumas or problems and compassion, which no longer serve and have help people back from going onward.

The tangerine quartz works so well with the energies of the social chakra, thus enhancing creativity and acceptance of change. Further, it also helps in supporting balance in sacral chakra, as well as assists in putting the past in the past. This is also a crystal of tenacity and strength.

In addition, tangerine quartz also exhibits a certain energy, which allows a much greater understanding of the different events that affect your life. It may also be used in looking for a place of center and calm after a certain energetic and physical trauma.

Reasons to Use Tangerine Quartz

Tangerine quartz should be a go-to crystal if you want to gain more growth, acceptance, or understanding. This crystal is beneficial in evaluating and tackling your inner issues with no judgments or criticisms. The tangerine quartz energies may also encourage forgiveness and may give you courage in releasing past traumas or issues, which are no longer serving you any purpose. This will also get rid of anything that’s preventing you from moving forward.

Moreover, tangerine quartz may work well with the energies of the sacral chakras, thus promoting acceptance and creativity of transitions and changes in life. This particular crystal may also support the equilibrium in the sacral chakra and aid in putting the past behind.

The tangerine quartz is a believed to be the crystal of strength and perseverance. It exhibits an energy that allows for a much clearer understanding of the different events, which may affect you and your whole life,

This is a crystal that may assist you in looking for a place of serenity and quiet after emotional or physical trauma. This also help in healing you from psychic attacks, thus promoting a sense of forgiveness and compassion, rather than assigning blame.

Tangerine Quartz Essential Benefits

Here are some of the best tangerine quartz benefits that you need to know.

Tangerine Quartz for Health and Healing

Tangerine quartz has been utilized in assisting weight loss and in supporting treatments for reproductive system conditions and AIDS. This may also assist in treating infertility or sexual dysfunction. This may also be used in relieving lower abdominal pain.

Tangerine Quartz for Wealth

This stone may aid in removing obstacles from your path, as well as give you the guidance through the inner wisdom that you have. It’ll also support you in manifesting prosperity and abundance in life.

Tangerine Quartz for Love and Relationship

This stone reverberates with the solar plexus chakra –that’s the energy center of discernment, manifestation, self-empowerment, and self-esteem. It’ll also resonate with the sacral chakra –the energy center for the physical and emotional attachments and relationships

Final Thoughts

Tangerine quartz may work well with the energies of the sacral chakras, thus encouraging acceptance and creativity of alterations and changes in life. The tangerine quartz is a believed to be the crystal of strength and perseverance.

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