The Healing Crystals for Squinting

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This article talks about squinting, its causes, possible treatments and the best crystals for healing squinting.

Squinting, also sometimes known as strabismus or strabismus, is a consequence of a positional defect in one or both eyes. This results from the eyes not being quite parallel when observing anything distant. Therefore, one can’t quite focus on a specific spot nearby.

The overall condition is usually caused by disturbances in the eye muscles and their associated nerves, as well as errors of refraction or pronounced differences in the visual power of the eyes.

Deviations in eye position might only occur during strain or tiredness which is termed latent squinting. While the problem that is present all the time is called permanent squinting.

AS squinting produces a double image, the brain suppresses the information from the squinting or weaker eye. This can result to a reduced sharpness and the acuity of sight and sometimes can cause the progressively weakened vision. Therefore, squinting should always be immediately treated.

Traditional medicine includes exercises for enhancing sight (for instance, in cases of unbalanced sight, where the stronger eye is covered), or the correction of any refraction error by means of some sight-improving measures. Very pronounced abnormalities in the eye muscles can also be corrected physically using surgery.

However, in the field of alternative medicine, it’s also recognized that squinting can often occur together with the vertebrae being out of alignment with bad posture. As a result, osteopathy, sacral therapy, and body therapeutic measures can sometimes cure squinting.

In kids, squinting usually occurs after vaccinations. It’s possible to treat such instances with appropriate cleansing measures or with the homeopathic remedies since there undoubtedly a close connection between the liver and the eyes.

In order to be sure that all the possible interactions and causes are taken into account, we strongly recommend that an anthroposophic eye doctor or homeopathic doctor be consulted alongside any other type of squint therapy.

In addition, crystal therapy can also support treatment measures for squinting. Here are some of the best crystals for healing squinting.

Crystals For Healing Squinting


crystals for healing squinting

Aquamarine, a part of the beryl family, is one of the best crystals you can use for matters of the eyes.  They are useful in connection with squinting as it helps soothe and relax the area surrounding the eye and stimulating the nerve activity. Not only that, but this crystal also has a positive effect on the eye musculatures.

You simply need to place a small aquamarine crystal or tumbled stones on our eyes. Or you can also wear it as a pendant, or necklace with direct body contact. Alternatively, you can take 5 – 9 drops of gem essence for 3 – 5 times a day. You can also prepare a 200 – 300ml of gem water that you can take in small sips throughout the day.



Like aquamarine, emerald also belongs to the beryl family. Thus, it is one of the best crystals for treating squinting and tired eyes. Its soothing vibrational energies also helps in relaxing the area around the eyes.

Not only that, but it also stimulates the nerve function and even has a positive influence on your eye musculature. Additionally, emerald alleviates instances of toxins and poisoning, improving the metabolism, reducing inflammation, and fighting an infection that can cause other eye problems.

To use this crystal, you simply need to place a small emerald crystal or tumbled stone directly on your eyelids and the liver at the same Additionally, you can wear it as a pendant or necklace. Lastly, you can also take 200 – 300 ml gem water that you can drink in small sips throughout the day.


crystals for healing squinting

Sardonyx is ideal for squinting that is caused by a marked difference in the strength of the eyes. Not only that, this crystal can heal several eye problems, including squinting, thanks to its chemical composition.

It contains chalcedony the further fluid regulation, sard which improves the blood circulation, and onyx which aids in the detoxification. You can apply it directly to your eyes or wear it as a pendant or necklace.

Amethyst + Rock Crystal

crystals for healing squinting

Amethyst can have a positive effect on squinting. The amethyst crystal, in particular, can work in connection with this treatment:

Relax your whole head with amethyst druse. Use it to do a gentle stroke on the head without direct contact. Then move the crystal with even strokes from your forehead, over your head, and upper rear of the neck downwards.

Do 4 – 5 parallel strokes from the line of the parting to the ear, then 3 – 4 times on both sides. Then massage the area around your eyes with a light, polished amethyst applied in circular movements. Then stroke the area surrounding your eyes, moving outwards in a radial movement, and having slight contact with the skin.

Rock crystal can be particularly effective if complemented by the amethyst treatment. The rock crystal can have a positive effect on squinting and improve the condition. Also, you can place the crystal directly on closed eyelids.



Tourmaline of various colors (watermelon, green, pink, and blue) can also help in improving squinting. This is especially true if squinting is caused by nerve injuries or disturbances. Like emerald and aquamarine, tourmaline is best placed directly to the eyes to benefit from its powerful vibrational energy and take its soothing powers.

Final Thoughts

Crystals and their vibrational energies are an excellent supportive healing therapy for squinting. However, although crystals can support such measures within the framework of holistic therapy, these healing crystals should not be applied alone.

Also, for severe cases of squinting, it is best to consult a qualified doctor to get proper diagnosis and treatment for the eye condition.

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