The Healing Crystals for Contusions

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A contusion is squashed, or compressed tissues caused by a blunt impact such as a fall or a blow. This can affect the skin, muscles, subcutaneous tissue, or bones. There are ways to help heal a contusion, in particular, supporting the best crystals for healing contusions.

Contusions are usually connected to severe tension pains and may cause subcutaneous bleeding or bruising. Since it results from a kind of a shock on a cellular level, knowing what caused the actual contusion can help in improving and healing the condition.

This is why you need to think of the whole event once more, where it happened and as quickly as possible after the incident. IF you have fallen down, then you need to take up the exact position once more, but without hurting yourself once again.

Sometimes, it’s necessary to repeat the respective movement action several times, until the pain from the shock briefly increases and then reduced. This process of raining your consciousness focuses your attention and life energy on the affected spot, which actually helps in accelerating the healing process.

Then, you need to have enough rest while applying ice in order to reduce the swelling of the area. Also, you need to raise it above your heart in order to help drain blood from the area.

Afterward, the damaged spot can be treated with the following crystals.  

Here are some of the best crystals for healing contusions.

Crystals For Healing Contusions



Amethyst has been highly sought and loved throughout the ages for its awesome beauty and the legendary power that it exudes. It is known to be a crystal of the mind, soothing and stimulating the emotions and mind.

For physical healing, however, amethyst is a powerful stone for providing quick relief of any residual pain and helps in dissipating the tension which may have arisen because of the painful blow.

If applied immediately, this powerful stone can help with major swelling and leave only minor bruising. It has been used for relieving throbbing pain of contusions when used as an elixir. You can also simply fix or place an amethyst crystal on the affected area to benefit from its quick healing energies.


Crystals For Healing Contusions

Chrysoprase, or prase for short, is a stone assigned to the Goddess Venus, representing divine love and truth. Emotionally, prase helps promote personal insight and optimism while inducing deep meditative states. This is helpful when re-enacting the whole event of your injury and finding where it really hurts.

For physical healing, prase helps when immediate treatment was not possible. It has the ability to relieve pain and help in reducing the swelling of the injured area. Not only that, but its powerful vibrational energies also help in speeding up the renewal of the affected tissues.

Chrysoprase can be placed or fixed on the affected spot for longer periods to benefit from its healing energies. Or you can take it orally, taking 5 – 9 drops of prase gem essence for 3 – 5 times a day. Also, you can prepare a 200 – 300 ml of prase gem water which can be taken in small sips over the course of the day.


Known as the Stone of Gentle Healing, rhodonite with its pinkish hue offers a calming and relaxing vibe. This vibe can help in easing pain in the affected area. In addition, rhodonite is also praised for its ability to alleviate bruising more quickly than other stones.

It helps in reducing any shock resulting from painful contusions as well as keeping swelling into a minimum. This makes rhodonite a wonderful stone for both long and short treatment of contusions.

Like prase, you can place or fixed the rhodonite on the affected spot and securing it inside the bandage or sticking with tape. This way your body can benefit from its vibrational energies for a longer period and facilitate faster healing. Or you can create a rhodonite gem essence, with 5 – 9 drops taken for 3 – 5 times a day. Or go with a 200 – 300 ml rhodonite water, taken in small sips throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Most contusions just need time to heal. The soft tissue contusions will take a couple of days or weeks to heal. Wheras bone contusion may take a bit longer for a month or two, depending on the severity. As you recover, you can incorporate the above-mentioned crystal therapy as well as enough rest, applying a cold compress, and keeping it elevated to help drain blood from the injured area.

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