The Healing Crystals for Learning Problems

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  4 min read

Got some learning difficulties? Here are some of the best crystals for healing learning problems.

Learning is the human ability to absorb, evaluate, sort, and apply information. Learning is a part of our daily life and is decisive action in achieving new skills and improving your life. A failure to understand or fully comprehend (for instance, repeatedly forgetting or ignoring important connections, or feeling that learning something new is a pain or a source of frustration can lead directly to a sense of feeling stupid, foolishness, and even of being treated unfairly.

Emotionally and psychologically, there’s almost nothing worse than the feeling that there’s something important we don’t know, something we can’t do or knowledge and information that we can’t acquire. Thus, the ability to learn and to carry on learning is the key to success, self-respect, and competence.

However, our ability to learn depends on our intelligence and the so-called “ability to think”. Thinking can also be defined as the ability to evaluate and recognize. And an increased intelligence is in direct proportion to our ability to recognize and evaluate similarities, differences, and connections.

Intelligence is no innate and unchangeable throughout your whole life. However, it can be improved all the time. In addition, intelligence has nothing to do with your education or the amount of your accumulated information. Instead, it is the ability to gain new knowledge, learning from experience and observing changes in life, assimilating information, and applying it.

 In the first place, the above processes mean that any distraction and obstruction issues should be recognized and removed. These include:

  • Alcohol
  • Lack of interest
  • Drugs
  • Hunger
  • Psychological pressure
  • Pain
  • Worries
  • Misunderstandings
  • Concerns about unfinished plans and projects
  • Stress
  • Constant brooding
  • Emotional burdens
  • Physical diseases

Crystals can be real support for overcoming learning difficulties. Take note, however, that crystals won’t do the thinking for us. Instead, they help overcome our limitations and thus improve our natural learning abilities. Here are some of the best crystals for healing learning problems. 

Crystals For Healing Learning Problems


crystals for healing learning problems

Amazonite is a potent stone that can help wherever learning is inhibited by serious inner unrest. It is particularly efficient when feeling under-challenged, a condition where boredom and the lack of interest drown your motivation and then open the floodgates to all types of distractions. With amazonite, you can keep your mind focused and be fully aware.

Blue Chalcedony

Blue Chalcedony

The blue chalcedony can help stimulate a mental openness to new ideas. It can assist in understanding what needs to be learned and converting acquired knowledge into practical and valid applications.

While its further articulation, blue chalcedony also helps with the application of newly learned skills or acquired knowledge. This way, it tends to be the best crystals for helping with any types of tests.


crystals for healing learning problems

Chrysoberyl is suitable for learning problems whenever learning programs are suppressing instead f encouraging your potential and where a fear of failure pre-dominates. Not only that, but this stone also helps teach your discipline, systematically and consistently. Thus, it is specifically recommended whenever stress and pressure seem to place a limit upon your learning ability.



Fluorite helps in the elimination of stubborn distractions and adherence to poor learning habits and limited thinking. In addition, it encourages a positive mental attitude that makes evaluating and sorting of information much easier.

Not only that, but the stone also improves your ability to think and perceive. Thus, is an excellent learning help when substantial amounts of new knowledge need to be processed.

Lapis Lazuli

lapis lazuli

This dark blue crystal enhances the ongoing willingness to learn something new and acceptance that you don’t know everything. Also, it improves your ability to absorb, understand, and evaluate information.

Lapis lazuli also stimulates your ability to think more clearly, so that many recognitions and insights are possible within a short amount of time. Furthermore, it also encourages the ability to discriminate intelligently and helping with sincerity and honesty.

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the best crystals for healing learning problems. You can wear all of these crystals as a pendant or necklace with direct body contact for longer periods to benefit from their powerful vibrational energies.

In addition, you can also make an arrangement of polished or unpolished stones at your place of work or studying so that your auric field can absorb their vibrational energies.

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