The Healing Crystals for Tick Bites

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Dealing with tick bites? Here are some of the best crystals for healing tick bites!

Ticks are a blood-sucking member of the arachnid family but are only about the size of a pinhead. It has a flat, firm body with short legs and sucker-equipped barbs. There are at least 850 species of ticks worldwide.

Of these, there are 8 species that are in North American and European latitudes which have a very bad reputation as carriers of the viral infections Meningeal encephalitis (also known as CEBD or Central European Brain Disease), Rocky Mountain Fever, and Lyme Disease which is caused by a spiral bacteria.

Ticks may attach different kinds of hosts including humans. They have a relatively long average life expectance of 2 – 4 years, making them the ideal carriers of several kinds of disease-causing germs.

Not only that, but these pests can also survive for years and months without food, lurking in small branches of undergrowth, in bracken and tall grass, and in the shrubbery of a parking lot while waiting for a host.

Since they need to protect themselves against dehydration, they don’t live more than 80cm or 30 inches above the ground, for instance, never on trees as was previously believed.

Potential hosts are recognized by their body odors and their body heat. When the ticks receive such signals, they will allow themselves to be brushed off the vegetation and cling to the hair and skin of the host, finding a suitable spot to bite.

This search can take for a couple of hours to several days, increasing the chances of finding the tick before it fastens itself to the skin. Only 1 out of 100 – 500 ticks in the affected areas are carriers of the CEBD. However, there are 1 in 3 ticks that carry Lyme’s disease.

The harmful bacteria, however, are often not carried over when the tick attaches itself to the host. Thus, given that the tick is removed in good time, an infection can nearly always be avoided.

Thus, it is well worth carrying a tick check after being out in tall grass, woodlands, meadow, or bracken. Also, refrain from applying glue or oil to kill the ticks. Ticks that are exposed to such treatment are known to excrete contents of the stomach, including disease germs into the blood of the host.

Because of this and the fact that ticks are hard to remove when already attached to the skin, a common method of removal is to apply the still hot head of an extinguished match to the tick. The tick will release its hold without damage caused by pulling it away with tweezers.

Once the tick has been removed, the spot can be treated with the ointment of the wild plat, dog’s mercury, in order to reduce the risk of infection. Furthermore, crystals can also help in this process.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing tick bites.

Crystals For Healing Tick Bites

Heliotrope + Prase

crystals for healing tick bites

The combination of heliotrope and prase crystal is the best choice for tick bites. Heliotrope is best for cleansing the blood. Not only that, but it can also stimulate your immune defenses, improves lymph flow, and help with detoxification of the metabolism. Meanwhile, prase can help in easing itching and relieving reddened bite locations.

To use both stones, you need to place a tumbled stone or flat section or slice of raw crystal directly on the bite. You can hold it in position by sticking it with a bandage or plaster. You can also take 5 – 9 drops of gem essence or 100 – 200ml gem water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.

Rhodonite + Emerald


Another potent combination, rhodonite, and emerald can work effectively against tick bites. Rhodonite, as the stone of gentle healing, can help relieve discomfort and pain that comes from the bite while emerald is mainly applied to reduce the risk of infections.

Like heliotrope and prase, you can simply place a tumbled stone of rhodonite and emerald on the affected area. Or you can drink their gem essence or gem water with the same dosage as above.

Amber + Serpentine

Amber can help in the regulation of metabolic processes and digestion. It’s also helpful with skin diseases and problems that are a consequence of tick bites. It has been shown to have effective results with animals.

Serpentine, on the other hand, is both suitable for animals and humans affected by tick bites. The zebra serpentine, in particular, can help in cleansing any infections while also regulating metabolism and digestion.

You can carry these stones or wear it as a bracelet, pendant, or necklace. If necessary, you can also take 5 – 9 drops of gem essence. Or 100 – 200ml gem water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.



Amethyst is another potent crystal that helps in treating tick bites since it helps in cleansing the skin. Thereby, it can alter the secretion of sweat and body odor. As a supplementary aid, you can carry a tumbled stone or raw crystal or wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant on the body.

Lastly, you can apply Hildegard von Bingen’s amethyst water, both internally (taking 10ml) or externally by washing the affected area.

Final Thoughts

Tick bites are painful and annoying. Plus, they also have the risk of infectious diseases. If you have tick bites, you can consider using the above-mentioned crystals. They will help in healing tick bites and relieve pain, discomfort, and other complications that come with them.

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