Facts About Moldavite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits


If you are looking for a stone of greatness that is destined for purpose, then Moldavite is the stone for you. This enigmatic green gemstone is star-born and is formed from the violent meteoric impact of nature with Mother Earth. Furthermore, it is also a stone of connectivity that carries a powerful frequency –a combination of extraterrestrial and earthly energies, which you as the possessor can quickly felt. In this post, we are going to discuss facts about moldavite, what it is, why should you use it, as well as its benefits.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

Facts About Moldavite: Meanings & Properties

Moldavite is a kind of tektite stone and a gemstone with intense frequency & high vibration. In ancient times, it’s believed to be the mystical stone, which is thought to bring satisfaction of wishes, as well as good luck.

moldavite benefits

These beautiful green crystals are so powerful in assisting in the creation of transformation, as well as are often called the ‘Holy Grail Stones’.

Moreover, moldavite is also a remarkable healing crystal that is named after the river where it’s first found –the Moldau River. Even though scientists have varying theories with regards to the stone’s formation, they are all agreeing that the stone’s formation coincides greatly with the hitting of huge meteorite in the Bohemian plateau about 15 million years ago.

The stone often comes in numerous shades of green, including deep forest green, olive green, greenish-brown, and pale green.

However, its most unique feature is its patterns, which you may see on the raw & unpolished gemstones. They’re commonly superbly sculpted, wrinkled, carved, and etched.

All the genuine fragments of moldavite originally come from just one country all over the world –the Czech Republic.

What’s more, the meaning of the gemstone relays to the Moldau River found in Czechoslovakia. Around 15 million years ago, a meteorite of a gigantic size has crashed in the mountainous region of Czechoslovakia. The impact of the crash is believed to have an effect stronger than an atomic explosion.

Moldavite was formed by the heat of incredible impact, which had astounding force. The aerodynamic shape of it suggests that in all possibilities this gorgeous gemstone fell from above.

Reasons Why You Should Use Moldavite

The main reason why you should use moldavite is that it is a stone of greatness. It is not called the Stone of Holy Grail for nothing. In the actual fact, it has an astounding ability to make a much-necessary change in one’s life.

Furthermore, the stone may also help anyone with their universal connection and spiritual change. We all know that change will not happen in an instant, but this stone may help you in getting there in a slow, but sure manner.

One more amazing thing about it is that it is essential for the psychic protection that it possesses. Further, the vibrational energies it has will help in protecting you, as well as ward off negativities each time you wear it.

Benefits of Moldavite

Knowing the facts about moldavite will never be complete without knowing its benefits. Below are some of the best benefits of moldavite:

For Health & Healing

Moldavite is a spiritual talisman, which is a part of the healing crystal family, which provides fertility to its possessor. It is a great tool for the diagnosis of illnesses, as well. This is vital in illuminating the source and releasing the energies to assist in the process of healing.

For Wealth

The moldavite is essential in bringing protection and good fortune to its possessor. It may also provide travel safety, specifically when you are persistently traveling. The energies that the gemstone has may help in calming your worries, as well as help in resolving problems on money,

moldavite properties

For Love & Relationships

What is moldavite, you ask? Well, it is a gemstone of the heart. It actually works with the heart chakra that may be found in the midst of the breastbone. The stone is essential in keeping the heart chakra in equilibrium. This is for you to have happiness & love that you can give to those you love.

Final Say

There is no denying the power moldavite has. Even when you just hold it in your hands or wear it in the body, you’ll already experience various vibrational energies and reactions. However, it isn’t something that you should trifle with. The vibrations of it are so high, and when you aren’t used to getting exposed to the energies like it, it might leave you drained. Nonetheless, the energies of moldavite are something you need in life!

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