The Healing Crystals for Muscle Injuries And Weakness

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Looking for the best crystals for healing muscle injuries and weakness? If that’s that case then you have just landed in the right place.

Muscular problems can range from the aching and pulled muscles to the actual tear in the muscle fiber. All can be caused by the undue strain on the muscles, or in cases of severe injuries, by a sudden and excessive demand on an already tense and taut muscle (for instance squeezing, stretching, and twisting).

Aching muscles can be best defined as being experienced s only temporary stiffness and/or pain. Such aches are caused by the metabolic products of the muscles that are working without enough oxygen with resulting production of lactic acid and swellings and inflammation on any small tears in the muscle fibers after extreme use.

Typically, a hot bath that is alkaline based and physical exercise can provide the best treatment for this type of pain.

Pulled muscles, on the other hand, are caused by the strains on individual muscle fibers. The symptoms are experienced as localized pain and pressure when moving the limb, accompanied by slight bleeding on some occasions. Really severe pain can mean that there are major tears in your muscle fibers and the application of cold arnica poultice or compress should help in alleviating the pain.

The most serious form of muscular injury is full muscle rupture. In this case, a substantial mass of the fibers or even the whole muscles is torn apart. This results in stabbing pains, allowing with severe swelling, and bruising as well as a substantial reduction of movement or use of the affected area.

The treatment then requires that the affected limb should remain motionless as well as the application of the cold arnica poultice. In very severe cases, the torn muscles may even need stitches.

With the exception of the merely aching muscles with minor tears or strains, any other form of muscular injury should be examined by a doctor, particularly if a pulled muscle is suspected.

Muscle weakness, on the other hand, means that the muscles are performing less well, there is an increased lack of energy during strenuous work and becoming tired much too fast. These problems can be because of overburdening, bad nutrition, infections, emotional burdens, and more seldomly, because of autoimmune diseases.

When treating muscle weakness, you can obtain the best natural therapy if you would just let yourself rest, much as muscle injuries. On an emotional level, enthusiasm is always a factor that helps best when weakness has to be overcome and finding new strength.

The application of crystal therapy is helpful in all the above types of tears in the muscle fibers since muscular injuries nearly always result from such lesions as well as muscle weakness.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing muscle injuries and weakness. 

Crystals For Healing Muscle Injuries And Weakness


crystals for healing muscle injuries and weakness

Rhodonite is the premier crystal for healing muscle injuries as well as muscle weakness. Dubbed as the stone of gentle healing, rhodonite can help in relieving swelling, pain, and bruising, while speeding up the healing process.

In addition, rhodonite is particularly helpful with autoimmune diseases and infection, since it targets the immune system, regulating and normalizing its functions. Emotionally, rhodonite can also help you let go of lingering hurtful feelings and pain, increasing your enthusiasm and preventing muscle weakness while encouraging the body to heal faster.

You can place or fix a tumbled rhodonite stone on the affected muscle or you can keep it in place with a bandage. Alternatively, you can supplement by taking a drop of rhodonite gem essence every hour and then later some 5 – 9 drops for 3 – 4 times a day. You can also prepare up to 1 liter of rhodonite water that you can take throughout the day.

Garnet Pyrope

pyrope garnet

The bright red variety of garnet, garnet pyrope, is another excellent crystal for healing muscle injuries and weakness.

Thanks to its hue, the garnet pyrope is mostly associated with healing the blood. In this case, it brings enough blood to the affected area while preventing swelling and bleeding. In terms of weak muscles, garnet pyrope can mobilize your energy reserves and stimulates your metabolism, muscle regeneration, and circulation.

Emotionally speaking, garnet pyrope can help support your focus on new goals and increase your enthusiasm and energy. Furthermore, you can use garnet pyrope alone but you should pair it with rhodonite for effective muscle healing.

You simply need to hold garnet pyrope in each hand, with the rhodonite crystal on your thymus gland. You can do this every morning. Also, you can try wearing a garnet pyrope necklace with a rhodonite pendant, hanging over your thymus gland to facilitate complete healing.

When using garnet pyrope alone, you can simply wear it as a pendant or bracelet with direct body contact for longer periods. Alternatively, you can take 3 – 5 drops of garnet pyrope gem essence for 3 times a day or prepare a 200 – 300 ml of garnet pyrope water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.


crystals for healing muscle injuries and weakness

Tourmaline is a potent crystal that helps with muscle injuries caused by tension. It can provide relief from the discomfort and pain of muscle tear while its calming energy helps keep your mind and body relaxed.

For muscle weakness, this crystal can provide invigoration to the mind and body, strengthening the affected muscles and encouraging you to find the strength once again.

You can simply hole 2 tourmaline crystals in your hands and allowing yourself a couple of minutes of rest or meditation. Alternatively, you can wear tourmaline as a necklace, pendant, or bracelet.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, you can easily treat muscle problems with the best crystals for healing muscle injuries and weakness. As always, for the more severe cases of muscle injuries and weakness that is caused by diseases or accidents, it is best that you consult a qualified doctor for treatment.

These crystals only act as a supplementary treatment that can help reduce or minimize the discomfort and symptoms of muscle injuries and weakness but is not suitable as the main treatment.

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