The Healing Crystals for Psoriasis

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Learn about psoriasis, its causes, and the best crystals for healing psoriasis.

Psoriasis is a non-contagious skin disease that’s characterized by flat, irregularly shaped bumps, that are sharply delimited and partially itchy and reddish. These are covered with flakes of silver-colored dry skin cells which are easily scratched away.

However, the exposed, red skin is subject to spot-like bleeding. The knee and elbow joints, the back and the chest, the fingernails, and the hairy scalp are all particularly prone areas.

Psoriasis tends to follow a chronic, phase-based pattern of spreading, and about 4 – 5 percent of cases are accompanied by chronic inflammation, which causes very painful swellings of the joints, particularly in the toes and fingers.

Damage to the skin, infections, metabolic disturbances, and hormonal changes (for instance, at the beginning of menstruation or during and after pregnancy), appear to intensify or encourage the spread or outbreak of the disease.

The reddish patches manifest because there’s a high level of detachment and renewal of the skin in its upper layer. All this points to disturbing cell metabolism, which, in turn. Is a result of tissues that are impaired by an accumulation of toxic waste deposits and that’s under-supplied with nutrients?

However, this does not explain the stubborn persistence of the disease, which resists both conventional and alternative treatments.

It seems as if the emotional causes also play a role here, something about which there’s been much speculation. When we take into account that skin is the largest human organ in direct contact with our environments, along with the fact that most internal processes are mirrored in the health of the skin, it seems unlikely that there’s anyone single cause of this disease.

Thus, it has to be assumed that the emotional element of the cause of psoriasis is different in each case and from one person to another. Nonetheless, its one common characteristic remains— stubborn persistence.

So, the question arises as to whether there might be a high degree of stubbornness in our thoughts, lives, actions, and feelings. Or, to put it in another way, which changes do we resist most stubbornly. AS the maintenance of a healthy state equates with the ability to change yourself, the onset of disease can often mean resistance to change and, in this case, a particularly stubborn resistance.

Obviously, questioning yourself in this way can lead to some totally different areas of your life. Yet, this type of insight has been shown to clarify and identify such areas of resistance and. Also, it already led to real improvement in most cases of psoriasis.

A holistic and alternative treatment of psoriasis should, therefore, also include already identified and as yet undiscovered psychological or emotional causes. On a physical level, detoxification is the most important procedure, and this is where crystal therapy can play its part.  

Here are some of the best crystals for healing psoriasis.

Crystals For Healing Psoriasis


crystals for healing psoriasis

Chrysoprase is a potent detoxifier. And thus, the most effective crystal in cleansing the skin and tissues and preventing psoriasis. It stimulates the excretion of toxins ns waste substances, relieving this stubborn skin problem.

To use chrysoprase, you can wear it as a necklace, a bracelet, or a pendant for a long period. Alternatively, you can also take 5 drops of gem essence for 3 times a day. Or prepare a 10ml chrysoprase water to be taken 3 times a day.

You can also use the essence of water to cleanse the affected area.

Aventurine + Green Zoisite


These crystals are the next best choices for healing psoriasis. Both aventurine and green zoisite feature silvery platelet signature inclusions within their crystalline structure that is similar to psoriasis.

By placing these crystals on the affected area, can help relieve the itchiness and redness. It will also facilitate quick healing of the disease.


crystals for healing psoriasis

This is probably the best crystals for treating psoriasis. This crystal contains two interesting elements: Sulphur and antimony.

Sulphur is a popular cleansing element with profound effects. It is also applied both in traditional medicine to bind toxic substances and in homeopathy for the holistic cleansing and treatment of stubborn process. Its further strength is evident in its ability to combine with antimony, an element that usually displays considerable unwillingness to form a compound.

Antimony is diamagnetic. It does not orientate itself to the magnetic field of the earth. But instead, it always takes up a position at right angles to the field. As already noted, it only reluctantly bound with Sulphur. It even has explosive modified forms, physically expanding upon solidification from its liquid state.

Its most common natural form is needle-shaped. These seem to point in all directions as if it were trying to express the need to escape from everything. It’s as though it represents a stubborn reluctance to be bound in any sort of conventional framework.

Antimonite is primarily applied in the form of gem essence, taking 5 – 7 drops 3 times a day. Or take small sips of prepared 100 – 200ml of gem water throughout the day. Additionally, you can apply it externally, where a piece of antimonite is immersed in clean water for the whole day before 20 drops of Sulphur essence are added per liter of this water. Then, the affected spots are moistened with the prepared liquid several times a day.

Final Thoughts

So, if you want a holistic way of treating psoriasis, why not try the above-mentioned crystals? Take note, however, that these crystals are just supplementary treatment for a medically-prescribed solution.

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