The Healing Crystals for Prostate Problems

By Felicia Eisnnicher •  5 min read

Today we’re going to talk about the best crystals for healing prostate problems.

The prostate is the male sex gland that is about the size of a walnut and is located near the urethra, just underneath the bladder. The 2 sperm ducts leading from the testicles to the urethra pass by the prostrate, the function of which is to primarily release an alkaline secretion during ejaculation. This is necessary to neutralize the acidic urine residue and in this way secure the mobility of the sperm-containing semen.

As men get older, enlargement of the prostate can happen due to the hormonal changes and can usually lead to considerable problems, especially if the urethra becomes increasingly narrow. During the first stages, it usually causes difficulties in emptying the bladder (the stimulation stage).

At the second stage, the resulting enlarged bladder can’t be emptied enough, leading to the risk of inflammation from the urine residue. Lastly, the third stage means that the elasticity f the bladder is totally lost. This results in a condition known as overflow incontinence, where the urine is released constantly, drop by drop, but with the accumulated urine remaining within the urethra that can damage the kidneys. Take note, that this is an extremely dangerous situation.

Screening is now available for reduced prostate function where a qualified doctor is able to motor blood and urine levels of PSA or prostate-specific antigen. It is ideal for all men over the age of 50 where there are no immediate symptoms.

In some cases, sexual insecurity also contributes to most prostate problems. For instance, in the second half of a man’s life, changes in feelings of, in partnerships, or the actual, reduced ability to achieve things or deep discussion about subjects such as the meaning of life and death often causes the changes in self-image.

In turn, such readjustments can have an influence on your sexuality. Also for the function of your sexual organ, including the prostate can be well affected. Thus, in addition to screening, trying to identify any such as the emotional and psychological background. If necessary, with the help of a therapist to quickly resolve.

Of course, having your sexual needs and fantasies fulfilled, as one gets older also seems to be one of the best remedies against an enlarged prostate.

In addition, the use of crystal therapy can also help in easing physical symptoms as well as emotional issues. Here are some of the best crystals for healing prostate problems.

Crystals For Healing Prostate Problems


crystals for healing prostate problems

Agates with the eye signature or concentric rings, as well as tubular crystals of agates are best applied at the early stages of an enlargement process. Placing a section or slice or a tumbled stone of agate over the base of your penis has been shown to help prevent the further enlargement or even reversing the process.

Emotionally, agate can promote self-confidence and acceptance. It helps overcome bitterness and negativity about your sexuality as you grow older.

Ocean Jasper

ocean jasper

Ocean jasper like agate is another excellent stone for preventing the enlargement of the prostate. In particular ocean jasper with the unique eye signature is best for the first stages of the prostate enlargement process.

Emotionally speaking, ocean jasper can help confront your sexual issues and bringing self-confidence back. You can just place a slice or section or a tumbled stone over the base of the penis. This is to stop the enlargement process.

Zoisite + Ruby

crystals for healing prostate problems

Zoisite is another potent crystal that a person can apply at all stages of a prostate problem. Also, it can contribute to the reversal of the process. Not only that, but this crystal is also helpful in clarifying emotional problems as it also supports the retention and sense of your value and self-confidence during any aged-based changes in your sex life.

Meanwhile, ruby as the stone of the nobility is a powerful stone of sexuality. It can help you overcome any sexual insecurity, particularly in combination with zoisite. Furthermore, it initiates your sensual pleasure, stirring blood, and increasing your sexual energy and desires. Physically, you can use this crystal for treating sexual dysfunction, infertility, and impotence.

For both stone, you only need to regularly place a tumbled stone on the base of your penis. Although it is also helpful to wear them as a pendant or a necklace. Additionally, you can take 5 – 7 drops of gem essence 3 times a day.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. If you’re having problems with your prostate, consider using the abovementioned crystals to facilitate the healing of your prostate gland. Take note, however, that crystal therapy can only provide support for medically-prescribed healing.

For more serious prostate problems, make sure to consult with a qualified doctor. Lastly, a happy and satisfying sex life with less stress and negative emotions should be able to help prevent prostate issues.  

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