The Healing Crystals for Nystagmus

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Looking for an informative article that talks about crystals for healing nystagmus? If yes, then you are in the right place.

Nystagmus is an involuntary movement or quivering of the eye, typically horizontally. However, as a symptom of a disease, nystagmus can be accompanied by severely impaired sight, poor circulation, disturbance of the eye muscles, damage to the cerebellum, and affected balance.

Extended periods of eyestrain because of inadequate lighting conditions can also cause nystagmus. However, this form is curable and so with any of the above symptoms. However, you need to consult immediate professional medical clarification to identify the cause.

Ideally, a holistic cure should be taken, and in this connection, all the obvious factors come into play. For instance, getting enough rest and sleep, plenty of fresh and pure drinking water, and reducing muscle tension and stress level.

In addition, crystal therapy can also help support the healing of nystagmus and the eyes. Here are some of the best crystals for healing nystagmus. 

Crystals For Healing Nystagmus


crystals for healing nystagmus

This potent crystal can help relieve nystagmus that is accompanied by severe nervous problems or muscle tension. Not only that, but amethyst can also help with eyes that are pressure-sensitive or when the sight gets blurry.

A special treatment using pieces of amethyst druse and tumbled stone can help. First, you need to relax your head. Using the amethyst druse, stroke your head without touching the head. Move the crystal with even strokes from your forehead, then over your head, and to the upper rear of your neck downwards.

Do 4 – 5 parallel strokes like this from the line of the parting to the ear. Then, do 3 – 4 times on both sides. After that, gently massage the area around your eyes with a polished amethyst, doing circular movements. Lastly, stroke the area surrounding the eyes and moving outwards in a radial movement, while gently touching the skin with the crystal.



As a crystal that belongs to the Beryl group, aquamarine is one of the most important stones in healing eye problems, especially nystagmus. With its soothing energies and hue, aquamarine can particularly help with nystagmus associated with the severely impaired vision and with eye muscle and nerve problems.

This powerful stone can help relax the area around the eyes and improving its muscle tone. Not only that, this soothing and gentle crystal also has a positive influence on the nerves, thus easing the symptoms of nystagmus and other eye problems.

To use aquamarine, you can simply place either a tumbled stone or a small crystal on the eyelids. Or you can just wear them as a pendant or necklace for longer periods. Alternatively, you can take up to 9 drops of aquamarine essence for 3 – 5 times a day or prepare a 200 – 300ml aquamarine water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.

Smoky Quartz

crystals for healing nystagmus

The smoky quartz is a powerful crystal that heals nystagmus that is caused by emotional and psychological issues such as worry, stress, and anxiety. It is also useful when an existing condition is being made significantly worse by these kinds of emotional and psychological problems.

To use smoky quartz, you simply need to place a raw or tumbled stone on your eyelids. Alternatively, you can take 5 – 7 drops of smoky quartz essence for 3 times a day. Also, you can prepare a 100 – 200ml of smoky quartz water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.



Sardonyx is probably the most suitable stone for healing nystagmus, offering an alleviating effect on all the causes that are already described above. Not only that, but this potent stone can also help if your sense of balance is also affected.

Sardonyx contains several crystals such as Chalcedony which helps boost fluid regulation of the eyes, sard that helps improve the blood circulation in the eyes, and onyx that aids in detoxification. This, in turn, provides overall healing of nystagmus and other sight problems.

To use sardonyx, you simply need to place a tumbled stone or a raw sardonyx crystal directly on the eyes. Alternatively, you can take up to 7 drops of sardonyx gem essence. Or prepare a 200 – 300ml of sardonyx water that you can consume in small sips throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it. These are just some of the best crystals for healing nystagmus. A combined treatment using several of the crystals have far effective results than using crystals individually.

We recommend starting first with the amethyst treatment. After that, hold 2 pieces of smoky quartz in your hands. Lastly, you can place small pieces of aquamarine and sardonyx directly over our closed eyes. Ideally, this treatment should be repeated every day or at least twice a week for long-lasting results.

Take note, however, that for the more serious cases of nystagmus, it is always best to consult with a qualified doctor for proper treatment. Use crystal therapy only as a supplementary treatment.

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