The Healing Crystals for Sprain

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Are you looking for the best crystals for healing sprain? If yes, then check out this article for more details.

A sprained joint is caused by the violent, sudden, and excessive movement beyond its normal range of movement, such as the twisting of an ankle. Tendons become torn apart or overstretched. Sometimes, even the joint enclosure itself is damaged as well.

The usual result is very obvious swelling and severe pain, sometimes with bruising. As with all similar types of injury, it’s always valuable to initiate some form of pain-relieving exercise as soon as possible— even if simply to ensure full awareness of the injury and the circumstances that have caused it.

There is one method of relieving the pain of sprain. It involves repeating the motions, sequence, or circumstances of the events immediately after the incident, but without actually repeating the injury.

For instance, if the foot was twisted, the last movement before your injury can be slowly repeated once more. It might even be necessary to repeat the whole incident a couple of times until the pain and discomfort suddenly increases. However, it decreases gradually. And this is the point at which to stop.

This type of exercise focuses both your life energy and attention on the affected part of the body. And thus, eases the healing process. Afterward, the swelling can then be relieved by a cooling arnica poultice and (if part of your normal self-treatment) by taking the homeopathic arnica and Bach rescue remedy.  

However, to be truly reassured and safe, you need to see a qualified doctor, to ascertain whether or not the ligaments and tendons have merely been stretched out, or whether they have been damaged or torn apart and the whole joint has been affected.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing sprain.

Crystals For Healing Sprain


crystals for healing sprain

Obsidian is the best crystal to be applied to strains. You can use this crystal after the accident as it helps in easing pain and the state of shock inflicted on the cells. Place a tumbled crystal on the aching spot, especially if the above consciousness-raising process can’t be carried out.

To use obsidian, you only need to place it directly on the affected spot until the pains and discomfort subside.



Rhodonite is the stone of gentle healing and is best used for follow-up treatment, being applied afterward in order to heal the sprain and limiting any possible bruising. You simply need to place a tumbled stone or a slice/section of the crystal over the affected area or to place it inside any supporting bandage.

Alternatively, you can wear the crystal as a pendant, necklace, bracelet, or anklet to benefit from its vibrational energies. Or you can also take 5 – 9 drops of gem essence every hour, then later 3 times a day. Or you can also prepare up to 1 liter of gem water that you can take in small sips throughout the day.


crystals for healing sprain

This potent crystal is another potent crystal for healing sprains. It helps in dissolving deposits in the knees and regenerating the cartilage and joints. Emotionally speaking, biotite-lenses can help improve your flexibility and adaptability without compromising beliefs.

To use this crystal, you only need to place them on the knee or fix them there with a bandage or sticking plaster.

Rock Crystal

rock crystals

Rock crystal is an excellent stone to use for relieving the pain caused by the torn down or overstretched ligaments. Its powerful vibrational energies can instantly reduce the excruciating pain.

Simply take 2 rock crystals the length of a finger and place them pointing towards the affected spot. But make sure the tips are also pointing at the opposite of each other. This creates an initial and spontaneous increase in the pain, which then diminishes and the stop.


crystals for healing sprain

The apatite crystal, especially those with the green and blue forms, helps with sprains, regenerating damaged or torn down tendons, and cartilage. Interestingly, the chemical composition of apatite is close to that of the human cartilage and bone. So, maybe that’s why this stone is particularly effective in stimulating the healing of sprains.

Emotionally, this crystal can help encourage a happier mood, positive aspects of a varied life, and flexibility of attitude. To use this crystal, place or fix this crystal with a bandage on the affected area. Also, you can take 5 – 9 drops of its gem essence for 3 – 5 times a day. Or you can also prepare 200 – 300ml of gem water to be taken in small sips throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

And that’s it for the best crystals for healing sprain. These crystals can mainly help with pain-relief and the healing of bruising or torn-down ligaments. However, for the more serious cases, it is best to consult a qualified doctor for a closer look at the affected area. They should be able to provide the correct diagnosis and necessary treatment. This is to prevent further complications and facilitate faster healing. 

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