The Healing Crystals for Throat Pains

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Dealing with pains in your throat. Check out some of the best crystals for healing throat pains.

Throat pains can be caused by the straining of your voice, thyroid gland problems, infections (diseases in your airways or sore throat), and irritation (cigarette smoking). They can also be caused by emotional stress which is literally a result of holding something back and the resulting tenseness of something unspoken or stuck in your throat).

Tensed neck muscles, dislocated cervical vertebrae, jaw dislocations, and tension, abnormal occlusion, or problems with teeth are other causes that are not as easily recognized.

There’s also a connection with your lymphatic system and intestines, as the mucus membranes in the airways often take over the job of detoxification that the intestines or the lymph can’t cope with when overloaded. Such a situation can also arise as to the result of allergies, particularly food allergies.

So, intestinal cleansing and the conscientiously followed diet, preferably without cow’s milk, sugar, and the low intake of animal proteins are helpful with the acute throat pains, particularly the recurrent ones.

In all cases, a professional medical diagnosis is necessary. It’s not only colds that have a key role in respect of the infectious disease. There are others with a greater risk of dangers such as mumps, diphtheria, glandular fever, or flu. Possible complications can include laryngitis, abscesses, acute middle ear inflammation, pneumonia, or bronchitis. Thus, you need to prevent it at the earliest stage possible.

A helpful remedy for throat pains is to rinse your mouth and teeth with organic, cold-pressed sunflower oil for 10 – 20 minutes daily. When you’ve finished, spit out the oil and rinse your mouth thoroughly.

When throat pains manifest with general feverish symptoms such as tiredness and listlessness, it means you’ll need to rest. Even when this is not the case, however, one should always take care of yourself. If you need to stay in bed whenever suffering from a painful throat, then there’s a real chance that it may become even worse. Lastly, you can obtain tje relief and recovery by gargling with thyme and sage tea.

Crystals can also help in relieving acute throat symptoms and can also be helpful at a causal level. This is particularly the case when the problems manifest repeatedly.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing throat pains.

Crystals For Healing Throat Pains


crystals for healing throat pains

Amazonite can help with painful throats and hoarseness because of jaw tensions or the straining the voice or when we have that lump in our throat, because of being unable to express suffering, grief, feelings of unhappiness, and the inability to unload your troubles.


Apophyllite crystal can help when throat pain is connected with fears, shyness, anxiety, inner pressure, and insecurity. In such cases, it can also help in preventing infections from developing into bronchitis.

Aquamarine + Chrysocolla


The aquamarine can help with throat pain, hoarseness, dry coughs connected with allergies, excitement, thyroid gland problems, and stress. It can also help you assert yourself verbally.

Chrysocolla, on the other hand, can help with throat pain with the difficulty in swallowing. When your throat feels rough, dry, and tender it also comes in handy. It boosts the healing of your swollen tonsils and the regeneration and cures f your mucus membranes.

As a detoxifying crystal, the chrysocolla can help in relieving the lymphatic system. iIt will also strenghten your immune system which is crucial in preventing recurrent throat pain.



Dumortierite can help with the consequences of jaw tension, problems of the alimentary tract, or abnormal occlusion. On an emotional level, it can help with fear, grief, or dejectedness that make the throat contract. It helps you open up and unload your mind.

Noble Opal

noble opal

The noble opal can help with throat pain and coughs. It’s also beneficial in other problems in swallowing because of infections, colds. On an emotional level, it can help with the consequences of grief, worries, and a general lack of happiness.



Fluorite can help with the severely irritated, contracted, and raw throat, one with which feels as if it is burning and with the stubborn, irritating coughs, problems with swallowing, and the pains that are caused by irritation, stress, strains, allergies, and overworking of the respiratory and lymphatic system.

In addition, any feelings of a personal restriction can all indicate the need to apply fluorite in connected with throat pain.

Lapis Lazuli

crystals for healing throat pains

This potent blue crystal is suitable for throat pains caused by suppressed anger or when something unspoken is stuck in your throat. This crystal makes it easier for you to swallow any uncomfortable truths or even expressing them vigorously.

Other than that, it can also help when there’s a severe strain on your voice. This problem may lead to loss of voice or hoarseness.

Final Thoughts

The practical application of all of the above crystals should be wearing a pendant or a necklace with direct contact on your throat. If the rapid relief is necessary, you take 5 – 7 drops of gem essence for 5 times a day. Or prepare a 200 – 300ml of gem water that one can take in small sips throughout the day.

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