The Power of Azeztulite

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Known as the “spiritual powerhouse”, Azeztulite, a special variety of quartz can help you in strengthening your spiritual growth more rapidly. What’s more, this crystal will give you the highest and best results, not only for your spiritual being, but in intellectual, physical, and emotional aspects as well. To learn more about the power of Azeztulite, make sure to read this article until the end.

The Power of Azeztulite: Spiritual Powerhouse

  • Chakra Correspondence

Though it is capable of connecting all the chakras to a higher dimension, Azeztulite is primarily associated with the third eye chakra. When place in this chakra, you will be able to plan out your next steps in life with ease.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Since it is considered the spiritual powerhouse, mainly, Azeztulite works at the spiritual level in order to help vibrational shifts. Further, it can be beneficial in the treatment of a cellular disorder.

  • Vibration

Azeztulite is a wonderful crystal that has amazing energy as well as a very rare vibration. In fact, its vibrations can be very powerful that a lot of people find them to be hostile. So, if you want to adapt the vibrations of Azeztulite make sure to work with it on a regular basis. The good thing about its vibrations is that they don’t need energizing or cleansing. Also, they will allow you to raise your personal vibration to a higher level of assisting in spiritual evolution.

Legendary Power of Azeztulite


The highly refined, powerful, and energetic qualities of Azeztulite usher in the New Age. Azeztulite is a stone for accelerated enlightenment. In fact, this stone lifted to a very pure vibration as well as infused with “nameless light” by the Azez. The Azez have specified their purpose as providing spiritual help to the earth. Another purpose is that it will make an expansion of cosmic and cellular consciousness at this period of vibrational change.

On the other hand, this crystal will help you in exploring alternative realities and multi-dimensions, helping interdimensional connections and journeys to beings in other worlds.

Azeztulite will activate all of your higher chakras and attune to the highest frequency. But you should only use if you’ve finished your inner work, get rid of toxic emotions and ingrained patterns, and equipped yourself for multidimensional development. Or else, you may experience forceful emotional outbursts, dizziness, and disorientation until the new energies are completely assimilated. Keep in mind that you may need to use other stones to facilitate opening your vibrational latent. Also, to equip your body for the arrival of light and rise to higher consciousness.

If you’re just starting out working with high vibrational crystals, you can use the opaque variety of Azeztulite. Golden Azeztulite and Pink Azeztulite will take an experienced crystal worker ever higher. In fact, the pink variety will link you to the goddess energy as well as the wise feminine. Whereas the golden will connect you to the ancient wisdom and gods. If you want to see the future, consider placing a piece of Azeztulite in your third eye chakra.

Healing Power of Azeztulite

Healing Power of Azeztulite

As mentioned, Azeztulite will stimulate cellular consciousness. According to research studies, the cell membranes in the body switch off or trigger inherited genetic codes in response to thoughts and emotions. This will explain why a genetic disease affects some members of the family and not the others. With its capability to infuse light to the cell, Azeztulite will help this control mechanism, activating the 12-strand DNA. It will stimulate neurotransmitters in order to heal cellular disorders that may include inflammation and tumors.

The most powerful work of Azeztulite is that it will shift the body to higher vibrations. By linking and activating “expansion point” at the spine’s base, the dantien and the middle of the brain, Azeztulite will integrate the light body to physical in order to birth long-drawn-out awareness on Earth.

Azeztulite is also beneficial to those who are dealing with cancer. What’s more, it will benefit a chronically ill person because its healing energies also work on strengthening the person’s will to live and restoring the purpose of life. As a matter of fact, this will help and encourage sick people to heal more rapidly.

Transformational Power of Azeztulite

By attuning to the “nameless light” brought by this stone will provide the chance for the transformation of the entire planet and everybody on it.

How to Harness the Powers of Azeztulite

To make a 2-way vibrational ladder between the alternative realities and the Earth, simply place a piece of Azeztulite on your soul star chakra. Doing so will even bring back spiritual insight and guidance.

In addition to that, if you want to boost its powers consider pairing it to other crystals such as:


Azeztulite is an essential and incredible crystal to have. It has rare and pure vibrations and will attune to the higher frequency naturally. Despite the fact that it looks like an ordinary and simple stone, Azeztulite possesses a number of extremely beneficial properties and attributes that are difficult to ignore.

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