The Healing Crystals for Kidney Problems

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Learn more about your kidneys and the best crystals for healing kidney problems.

The kidneys are the most important excretory organ of the human body. They are responsible for essential functions for the well-being of the whole body. Also, they maintain the fluid balance of minerals, bases and acids, vitamins, nutrients, and hormones. They need to excrete toxic substances and waste products such as uric acids and at the same time, retain water and other important substances.

In essence, the kidneys are big filtering organs, where the complicated secretion and re-absorption processes take place. Disturbances in the kidney function as a result of pain-relieving drugs or other strong kinds of medicines can cause a large loss of minerals, water, and nutrients or the accumulation of waste products and toxins in the body. Both can have some serious consequences or may even be fatal if not treated or treated the wrong way.

Due to their serious nature, we won’t be tackling severe kidney diseases. Any pains in or near the kidneys (sometimes accompanied by shivering, raised temperature, and cloudy urine) should be diagnosed and treated immediately by a qualified doctor.

Instead, we will be talking about improving kidney health and tackling the less serious kidney problems.

In traditional Chinese medicine, our life force, central energy reserve, or chi is regarded as being linked directly with the kidneys. So, put more conventionally, the health of the kidneys is associated directly with the well-being of the whole, thus it only makes sense that you strengthen and support the kidney functions and treating less-worrisome kidney problems.

By doing so, the kidneys’ efficiency is maintained in their process of detoxification during general diseases such as colds, flu, and mild infections, or in cases of high and low urine excretion.

Take note, however, that there can also be an emotional basis for kidney problems. Although the overall causes can vary from one person to another. It can often be that the difficulties in communication within a career, partnership, or general living, as well as the suppression of emotions, general desperation, or fear can also contribute to the weakening of kidney function.

When these types of contributory factors are recognized, their elimination can spare you from most kidney diseases. Just as kidneys are responsible for a harmonized fluid balance, they’re also connected mentally and emotionally to mental equilibrium and harmony.

In this sense, crystal therapy can help in maintaining healthy kidneys and preventing complications. Here are some of the best crystals for healing kidney problems. 

Crystals For Healing Kidney Problems

Chalcedony + Chrysoprase + Ocean Jasper

crystals for healing kidney problems

These crystals can help improve the flow of body fluids and their overall quality. This, in turn, helps in alleviating stress on your kidneys, but only after an initial phase of increased secretion. Thus, you need to apply these specific crystals as a precaution instead of for acute situations.

You can wear these crystals as beaded necklaces or bracelets with direct contact on the body. Alternatively, you can also take 3 – 5 drops of each prepared gem essence for 3 times a day. Also, you can prepare 100 – 200ml of gem water (chalcedony and ocean jasper) and 20 – 50 ml for chrysoprase that you can take in small sips throughout the day.

Jadeite + Nephrite


Both Nephrite and Jadeite are very popular for many centuries to heal kidney problems and were actually named because of their properties in this context: Spanish term pietra de ijada translated as loin stone or the Latin term lapis nephriticus translated as kidney stone.

Both stones can strengthen the kidneys’ function in a similar manner. If applied regularly, these crystals can also prevent the formation of deposits in the uric channels which can lead to kidney stones. Not only that, but these stones can also help you obtain emotional balance and harmony.

It is advisable to take 3 – 5 drops of essence of both stones 3 times a day. Also, you can prepare 100 – 200ml gem water of each crystal. You can take the gem water in small sips throughout the day.


crystals for healing kidney problems

Peridot is a potent crystal that can strengthen the excretory functions of your kidneys. It helps in the release of waste substances and toxins, thus helping with good urine flow. On an emotional level, peridot allows you to recognize the personal aspects. Most especially the ones that weakening your kidneys and gives you the courage to confront them.

Simply place a small tumbled peridot stone in sunflower oil and use it as a part of your salad dressing.



Like Nephrite and Jadeite, serpentine can also support all kidney functions. You simply place a tumbled section, stone, or slice of serpentine on the area over both kidneys. Alternatively, you can also wear it as a necklace, bracelet, or pendant for longer periods of time.

In addition, you can also take 3 – 7 drops of serpentine essence for 3 times a day. By the way, you can also prepare a 100 – 200 ml of serpentine water that you can take in small sips throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

And while these crystals can help, it still boils down to toxin-free living, healthy eating, and the use of natural and proven medicines. Particularly, you need to examine the diet carefully with regards to your threshold of tolerance. In addition, enough sleep and rest and detoxification regulalry can help in the much-needed renewal of your body. Lastly, make sure to focus your attention on what you may be allergic to at an emotional level.

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