The Power of Carnelian

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Are you a crystal worker, healer, or lover who wants to learn more about the power of carnelian? If your answer is yes, then keep on reading.

The Power of Carnelian: Gratitude

  • Chakra Correspondence

Carnelian is associated with the sacral and root or base chakra. When you place this stone on your sacral chakra, it can transform negative energies that may start to circulate in your chakra.

  • Physiological Correspondence

All matters and overall circulation concerning blood pressure and blood, blood thickness, and heart rate are classically connected to the carnelian. But aside from that, it can help when it comes to mineral assimilation, metabolic processes, and reproductive organs.

  • Vibration

Carnelian has an earthy vibration. As a matter of fact, its vibrations will draw in a huge amount of life force, assertive will, and creative and sexual energies.

Legendary Power of Carnelian

power of carnelian

According to an old rhyme, “Fate has with virtues great Carnelian’s nature graced; tied around the neck or on the finger placed.”

Carnelian, a powerful crystal for talismans and seals throughout the Near East and the Mediterranean was very common in ancient periods.

As Pliny highlights, Carnelian can help in preventing misfortunes and attracting good luck. Carnelian appears in the early Mesopotamian recipe that is beneficial in dispelling diseases. In fact, Carnelian was also used with Jasper to benefit the Egyptian newborns.

According to the 17-century English lapidary, the crystal can recreate the mind, cohabit sad dreams, preserve the carrier from harms and witches, and dispel fears. Goethe, on the other hand, tells that carnelian can bring good luck to man and child. In fact, it will even drive away evil things.

In the world of Arabic, Allah’s name engraved on the carnelian will protect the wearer from any danger. Actually, according to lore, the Prophet Mohammed wore a piece of carnelian mounted in silver.

Furthermore, the lapidary of Alfonso said that males love carnelian because of their virtues and beauty. The virtues include assisting people who are involved in a court case. For example, if a supporter talking on their behalf used a carnelian, it will help the person in arguing fearlessly and eloquently. Also, the carnelian is capable of attracting whatever you desire.

Today, the carnelian is popularly known for abundance rites.  

Healing Power of Carnelian


If you have a weak voice, the Alfonso lapidary recommends that you should wear a carnelian since it will energize the throat.

This crystal can help in stopping bleeding most especially in ladies whose menstrual flow is serious. To use it as a gum and cavity healer, the carnelian was pulverized.

Crystal workers, on the other hand, prize carnelian for its capability to energize. This crystal may even benefit frigidity, infertility, and impotence. It will also lift depression, calm inflammation, and increase mineral assimilation.

It is also good for new mothers or pregnant women since it can help in easing the symptoms of pregnancy and moderates your anxiety of being a new parent.

Carnelian can also bring about great changes not only in your life but with your loved ones as well. This is true if you are effectively working with the energies the carnelian radiates.

What’s more, if you’re concerned about staying fit or losing weight, the stone can help in stimulating your appetite and increasing your metabolism.

Transformational Power of Carnelian

One of the best things about the carnelian is that it will stimulate action, courage, and more importantly, gratitude. It will restore motivation, turn dreams into reality, and energize the soul body.

With carnelian, you will be able to work an act of genuinely outrageous magic that will transmogrify the mundane realm. For example, you can take advantage of it if you want to apply it for your dream job successfully, for which you’re not qualified, where you transform the lives of other people dramatically.

Traditionally, the carnelian can offer protection against envy. In fact, according to eastern belief, if you envied the wealth or possession of someone else, your thoughts will cause this person to lose what you are craving for. This is a beneficial karmic insight into the powers of jealousy.

The magnanimous carnelian will also help you to become grateful for what you have and give thanks to others’ good fortune, reinforcing worldwide abundance.

How to the Harness the Powers or Carnelian

Harnessing the powers of this stone is pretty easy. All you need to do is put a carnelian where you can see it often. Every time you pass the carnelian make sure to touch it and at the same time say, “I’m grateful”.

To activate many of the healing powers of carnelian that can help you and your loved ones, put a carnelian in your home’s central part. This is also a nice way to bring more harmony, balance, and peace to your life.

You can even pair it with Red Garnet or Ruby since Carnelian can work in providing confidence, renewed passion, and a boost of energies.


The power and energies that carnelian offers will energize and at the same time warm you. This will get rid of all traces of sluggishness as well as invigorate the body and mind. This will encourage you to be assertive and bold. Most importantly, it will teach you how to become grateful for the things you are currently enjoying.

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