Afghanite: Meanings, Properties, and Benefits

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Have you ever heard of a stone that’s named after a country? It might be somewhat new to you, but there really is. I am talking about afghanite. This stone has a great vibration, which is essential in stimulating the brain. It also helps you in thinking more clearly, as well as aids in problem-solving. The stone possesses a great action within your higher chakras, which is valuable to aid communication, as well as improve the psychic ability. It is also somewhat soothing and calming, possesses valuable energy that helps people who are working in a group and has several other amazing metaphysical properties. In this article, we will discuss some more important facts about afghanite including its benefits. Read on to learn more!

Meanings and Properties

The afghanite was named after the country Afghanistan. Guess what, it is the country where it’s first discovered in the year 1968. It’s found in the Lapis Lazuli mine in a certain province in Afghanistan called Sar-e-Sang Badakhshan.

Commonly, it is an opaque stone, which may exist in either blue or white color, the shades of blue may go from light to dark contingent to where the stone is originally from. Its blue color is so much like the blue onyx. Being a rare stone, it possesses a vitreous shine, having a Mohs hardness of about 5.5-6. With a certain gravity of about 2.55. It also has a trigonal crystal system and is part of the cancrinite group.

. Being a rare stone, it possesses a vitreous shine, having a Mohs hardness of about 5.5-6. With a certain gravity of about 2.55. It also has a trigonal crystal system and is part of the cancrinite group.

Having a white stripe and a flawless cleavage, the afghanite is a translucent stone, which appears colorless, when it’s observed in different thin sections. Frequently combined with the lazurite, for best results, the stone might naturally occur as a massive form or a lengthened prismatic crystal.

Other than in Afghanistan, this stone may also be found or extracted in various countries including USA, Russia, Canada, Italy, and Germany.

Reasons to Use It

If you are someone who has to do so much thinking all throughout the day, whether it is for creative work or reasons, you may use the powers in this stone to help you in boosting your mental capacities. You may also use this rare kind of stone in making your critical thinking better so you can always stay one step forward against your opponents and might make decisions, which may give you the greatest benefit.

The stone may also be used in making the most out of the metaphysical properties, which allow its possessor inactivating all of their higher chakras. The chakras in the body that are being mostly stimulated with the aid of the stone is your crown chakra that resides in the center or middle of the head.

Moreover, stimulating your crown chakra may allow you in thinking much more clearly and critically and may have a great effect on the brain so you’re always sharp. The afghanite may also be used in enhancing your intuition so you may always devise the best tactic for you and your aristocrats, which provides you the greatest chance at victory.

You may also the afghanite in order to align your chakras, as well as help you in creating a fee energy flow all over your body so you may receive the most benefit. You might also use the stone during meditation and astral travel, in order to enhance your own focus and aid you develop a much deeper connection with the heavenly realm. Keep reading to learn some more afghanite benefits below!

Afghanite Essential Benefits

The afghanite may escort in a fresh era of knowledge and wisdom in life so you may always stay well satisfied and informed. This may bring stability in life by allowing you to figure out everything of importance so you may start moving through a peaceful future.

The afghanite may help in soothing the senses and the nerves so you may gain serenity and peace, this is greatly beneficial for those who are suffering from insomnia, since it helps in assisting you to sleep. Having the stone with you may enable you in having a deep and appropriate sleep each night so you are always energized and fresh to face any task in your day-to-day life.

The afghanite may also help in the strengthening and development of the teeth and bones so you may build a strong structure. One of the best afghanite benefits is that, it’s greatly essential for those who are looking for a transformation of their bodies and wishing to attain more muscles and bone growth.

This stone may also help you big with looking for solutions to issues by improving your own intuition. It may allow you to having a better sense in the road so you don’t get lost more frequently. For those who are suffering from depression and anxiety, the afghanite may be a perfect stone for them as it helps in calming and soothing the nerves so their mind might find peace and a great rest.

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