The Healing Crystals for Conjunctivitis

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Swollen, red eyes, increased secretion, or sticky eyes, an itchy and burning feeling, light sensitivity, and a sensation of having a foreign body lodged in the eye may all be signs of conjunctivitis. Fortunately, such symptoms can be relieved by using the best crystals for healing conjunctivitis.

Conjunctivitis may be caused by reduced tear flow, ultraviolet radiation, foreign bodies in the eye, gases and vapor, infections, or allergic reactions. If conjunctivitis happens repeatedly, then there may be a connection with the heavy accumulation of waste and toxins in the tissues or a weak liver. Emotionally, it can be a sign of accumulated disappointment or anger about things that we can’t bear to look at.

To relieve this inflammation, one needs to drink lots of fluid and eat foods that are rich in vitamins. Also, you will also need to solve your emotional burdens to support the healing of the eye. You can further support healing by using select healing crystals for conjunctivitis.

Here are some of the best crystals for healing conjunctivitis.

Crystals For Healing Conjunctivitis


Crystals For Healing Conjunctivitis

With an earthy green hue and spots of reds, heliotrope is called the bloodstone, carrying powerful healing energies for several parts of the physical body as well as on an emotional aspect.

In terms of the eye, heliotrope is particularly helpful with conjunctivitis where there is heavy secretion, for instance with strong itching and sticky eyes. Furthermore, bloodstone also helps in neutralizing eliminating body waste and toxins.

Thanks to its antibacterial effects, heliotrope is best for treating acute infection of the eye and stimulating faster healing. To use heliotrope for healing conjunctivitis, you only need to place a flat section or slice or a polished sone directly on your closed eyelids for a few minutes.



Agate is a variety of the banded Chalcedony. They are usually banded in stripes or layers, however, the varieties with “eye” markings are the best stones for healing all kinds of conjunctivitis.

This gentle stone helps relieve itching and excessive secretion of the eyes. Furthermore, it offers relief from the pain and light sensitivity associated with conjunctivitis. Like heliotrope, you can place either tumbled o section/slices of agate stones on your closed eyelids for a few minutes.

Blue Chalcedony

Crystals For Healing Conjunctivitis

With its mystic, subtle, serene, and cool hue, the blue chalcedony invokes the stillness and tranquility of silent reverence, calming to the eye, along with the spirit and mind. Although known as the Speaker’s Stone and is mainly used for a matter of the voice and thoughts, blue chalcedony with its gentle healing energies also helps conjunctivitis.

It particularly aids with the burning, reddish eyes that secrete an insufficient amount of fluid. Also, as chalcedony stimulates the lymph flow and enhances detoxification, it helps reduce the general tendency towards conjunctivitis.

You can wear blue chalcedony as a necklace or pendants for a longer period. Or you can place it directly to your closed eyes for a few minutes to benefit from its healing energies.

Ocean Jasper

Crystals For Healing Conjunctivitis

Drawing the power of water, ocean jasper along its circular pattern helps with matters of the eye. And since it has a calming aura, it tends to be easy on the eyes while facilitating healing.

Ocean jasper is particularly useful for very stubborn conjunctivitis which is otherwise treatment-resistant. Thanks to its powerful detoxifying attributes, it helps in strengthening the immune system as well as stimulating lymph flow, thus reducing the tendency towards conjunctivitis.

You can place a polished ocean jasper or a flat section on the eyes. Also, you can wear it as a pendant or necklace.



Emerald with its green allure is the ultimate crystal for treating all kinds of eye disease. It can also help in restoring eyesight. It is particularly helpful with conjunctivitis that develops simultaneously or that is because of infected airways.

An eyebath is very soothing to the eyes and relieves eye infections. Or you can also place a small emerald crystal or tumbled stone on your closed eyes to benefit from its powerful vibrational energies.

In addition, you can take 5 – 9 emerald essence for 3 – 5 times a day. Or you can take small sips of 100 – 300ml of emerald water during the course of the day.

Final Thoughts

Itchy, swollen, and sticky eyes can be frustrating. If you are suffering from conjunctivitis, then consider using the above-mentioned stones to facilitate healing of the eye. In addition to crystal therapy, enough rest from electronics and radiation, proper shuteye and regular detoxification can help prevent you from suffering this frustrating condition.

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