The Healing Crystals for Cold Feet

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Chronic cold feet are caused by inadequate blood circulation which, in turn, resulted from the narrowing of the blood vessel or an imbalanced triple warmer. This is the system responsible for an equalized energy balance in our bodies. It should be noted that although triple warmer is connected with the ring finger and the silver rings worn on this part of the body can have a cooling effect, they should never be worn in case you have chronic cold feet. This can actually decrease the effect of the best crystals for healing cold feet.

In the case of cold feet caused by poor circulation, your blood has a hard time reaching your feet regularly and keeping them cooler than the rest of the body. Circulation problems may also be the result of heart conditions, where the heart struggles in pumping enough blood throughout the body. Also, it can be a result of sitting too much.

Other than poor circulation, other possible causes of cold feet include:

  • Anemia
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Type 1 and 2 diabetes

It is advised that you consult with a professional doctor to determine the cause of your cold feet and the necessary treatment. Crystal therapy can be a great supporting treatment that helps in heating up chronically cold feet.  

Here are some of the best crystals for cold feet.

Crystals For Healing Cold Feet

Garnet Pyrope

Crystals For Healing Cold Feet

Garnet pyrope with its crimson to light shades of red is the premier crystal used for any problems in the blood. In this case, problems with blood circulation. As mentioned before the main cause of cold feet is poor blood circulation.

Being the Stone of Health and often described as the “living fire”, garnet pyrope bestows vitality and energy. It reduced disturbances in the cardia rhythm and generally stabilizes blood circulation. Garnet pyrope helps in stimulating the general energy distribution for cold feet. IT helps in strengthening your triple warmer and thus, provides better blood circulation in the feet and the constant supply of heat to them in the long run.

Not only that, but pyrope garnet also has the ability to reduce body toxins while cleansing the blood of waste for smoother flow against your veins.

You can wear pyrope garnet as a small pendant or necklace or bracelet with physical body contact to benefit from its healing attribute. Or you can also place small tumbled garnet pyrope into your socks or stockings to heat your feet up. Furthermore, you can take 3 – 5 drops of pyrope garnet gem essence for 5 times a day.

Green Opal

green opal

Opal, dubbed as the Eye Stone features rainbow colors with even the slightest movement. A stone dedicated to the eye; opal is also a powerful stone to alleviating cold feet. The green variety of opal offers rejuvenating and cleansing stone, suited for detoxification of the body.

It helps in stimulating blood circulation and provides enough warmth to your feet. Not only that, but green opal is also known to help regulate your temperature, and stabilizing cold feet. You can wear it as a pendant or anklet. Also, you can carry it with you for an extended period to benefit from its vibrational energies.


Crystals For Healing Cold Feet

Dubbed as the mirror stone, the obsidian is a powerful protective crystal. Like most black stones, obsidian is mainly used as a protective talisman. It shields one’s auric field against environmental pollution and negative entities on a daily basis. This can prove useful in preventing toxin and waste accumulation that can cause blockages and blood circulation problems which in turn, cause cold feet.

Physically, though, obsidian is best known for its attributes to relieve stress and improving circulation, heart, and artery health. It is used for detoxification and provides support to heating up chronic cold feet really quick.

To use obsidian, you only need to place a tumbled obsidian stone into your stockings or sock. You can also use a flat cabochon into your shoes to keep your feet warm throughout the day. If cold feet are the only problem, then it is not recommended to take an obsidian essence. The reason for this is that this crystal has a far-reaching effect on your body.

Instead, you can just use the obsidian essence and combine it in an ointment (using 10 drops of gem essence into 10g of ointment base) and rub it into the affected spot.



Bloodstone with its deep green crystalline structure dotted with spots of red is a powerful stone that works magic on anything related to blood and the circulatory system. Since the most common cause of cold feet is poor circulation, getting your circulation stabilized with the bloodstone can help bring fresh, warm blood all the way to your feet.

Other than stimulating and regulating blood flow, bloodstone is also known to help neutralize. It also eliminates toxins and waste from the body. This detoxifying attribute means less blockage on the veins that can prevent enough blood from reaching your feet.

You can use bloodstone as a pendant or necklace close to the heart to improve its functioning.

Final Thoughts

Cold feet may be a common thing; however, chronically cold feet can be annoying and alarming, especially if it is caused by other ailments. Generally, though, you only need to improve your blood circulation in order to prevent cold feet. To do so, you only need to strengthen your cardiovascular system, doing regular physical activity, proper nutrition, and detoxification as well as the support of the best healing crystals for cold feet.

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