The Healing Crystals for Liver Problems

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This article talks about liver health and the best crystals for healing liver problems.

The liver, with its function of construction, cleaning, and storage, is the primary organ of regeneration. It contributes considerably to the detoxification process and produces essential proteins.

Not only that, but the liver also acts as a storage of many vital substances, such as the starch-like, energy-storing substance glycogen and the red blood corpuscles. The consequences of a weakened liver are a weakened body with lowered resistance to infection and other symptoms that indicate insufficient regeneration and detoxification.

Thus, it is clear that maintaining a healthy liver not only leads to better physical harmony but also improve emotional states and general equilibrium and preventing liver problems. The following crystals can have a positive influence on this healing process. Here are some of the best crystals for healing liver problems. 

Crystals For Healing Liver Problems


crystals for healing liver problems

Amazonite aids with the specific metabolic disturbances in your liver. Also, it helps when specific substances can neither be broken down nor be built up. Above all, this potent crystal should be applied when liver efficiency suddenly decreases without the apparent cause or becomes irregular (one possible sign is the drop in performance in the early afternoon).



Chrysoprase, being a potent detoxifier, is the number one choice in connection with healing the liver.

This crystal can stimulate all liver functions and improve its cleansing and regeneration functioning.

Other than that, chrysoprase is also proven to be particularly great in the overall detoxification of the body.



This crystal offers a refreshing effect on your liver. With its copper silicate crystalline structure, it is the most effective crystal when placed directly over your liver. Dioptase can help stimulate the cleaning ability of your liver.

Other than aiding the liver, it also assists in the processes that are driven by the liver metabolism and by the liver energy in other parts of your body (for instance, in the eyes, the menisci, and the spinal discs)

Emerald + Malachite

crystals for healing liver problems

This precious green stone can help improve healing and regeneration in cases of liver problems and diseases. Thanks to its potent anti-inflammatory attributes, emerald can ease common liver problems while also strengthening and cleansing your liver.

Malachite, another potent green crystal, is a powerful supplementary stone for emerald. This stone mainly stimulates your liver and helps with nausea which can be traced back to the disturbances in your liver functioning. Furthermore, its detoxifying effects are best suited after using emerald and can even help with afflictions caused by problems with uric acid metabolism.

Epidote + Ocean Jasper


Epidote can stimulate and support the storage and building process in the liver. Therefore, it is mainly a powerful recuperation and regeneration crystal that should be used after illnesses or after a difficult situation.

Like epidote, ocean jasper also strengthens the storage and building process of the liver. Being a chalcedony, ocean jasper also has potent detoxifying attributes that help heal the liver. This stone can heal liver diseases also with inflammatory states and stimulating whole body cleansing.

Ocean jasper is particularly helpful when the liver has been under strain for some time now due to alcohol abuse, malnutrition, or impaired digestion of the intestine.


crystals for healing liver problems

Zircon also boosts the detoxifying functioning of the liver. Not only that, but it also assists in cell regeneration in connection with liver diseases.

This crystal can also be applied when there are swelling and pain on the liver.

Final Thoughts

For all the above crystal, you can simply place a raw crystal, a flat slice or section, or a tumbled stone of any of the above on your liver every night. For your convenience, you can just use a sticking plaster and affix your chosen crystal to the area for longer periods of time. The crystals can be applied this way every time a process of an emotional or physical regeneration is needed.

Alternatively, you can also prepare a gem essence of your chosen crystal, taking 3 – 5 drops 3 times a day. Or you may prepare 50 – 100 of your chosen gem water to be taken in small sips over the course of the day. As always, with chrysoprase, make sure to take only small dosages.

These crystals are just some of the popular ones for healing liver problems. Take note, however, that these are just supplementary treatments for regeneration and cleansing the organ itself. In cases of serious problems with your liver, always consult a qualified doctor for diagnosis and proper treatment.

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