The Power of Aurora Quartz

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Also known as Anandalite, Aurora Quartz has a crystalline structure that is shiny. It also appears in various colors such as white, gray, red, and yellow. Aurora Quartz, on the other hand, is abundantly found in India. This crystal is a type of rainbow quartz thus it exhibits astonishing flashes of rainbow naturally. Aurora Quartz is known for its power of quantum consciousness. If you want to learn more about the power of aurora quartz, then continue reading.

The Power of Aurora Quartz (Anandalite) : Quantum Consciousness

  • Chakra Correspondence

Aurora quartz is associated with all the chakras. It will help in recharging, purifying, and aligning all the chakras in your body.

Furthermore, the heavenly energy of this crystal will quickly travel from the heart chakra to the throat chakra and all the way up to the crown chakra. This will then take you to a spiritual and peaceful place.

  • Physiological Correspondence

Aurora quartz mainly works beyond the physical in order to harmonize and activate the light body to the vibration of the Earth activate the subtle neurotransmitters. It is also associated with the chakra system, nervous system, fluid system, and blood cells.

  • Vibration

Aurora Quartz is a high vibration crystal. What’s more, it is a high crystal energy stone that has vibrations that can be recognized with ease. The reason for this is that the energy comes through strongly.

Further, the resonance of aurora quartz is extremely strong and it has beautiful energies.

In the actual fact, if you immerse yourself in the vibrations of this crystal you will surely find out an energy that you may not experience in your life before.

Legendary Power of Aurora Quartz

By holding a piece of aurora quartz, this will make you feel like a lightning conductor for heavenly consciousness. Furthermore, meditating with this crystal will show you that you have worked in a narrow band of consciousness, bound by your five senses before.

Despite the fact that intuition may exceed the restrictions of space and time, this crystal will reveal that this can be outdated to move to a quantum field prevailing everywhere at the same time in which consciousness is both omnipresent and omniscient. In fact, it will see all, know all, and concreate all.

If you want to know how it feels like to be a particle which is a wave and a wave that’s a particle to travel forward or backward through time, to understand there’s no time at all, and that the observer will make the happening being observed, you may want to meditate with aurora quartz. This crystal will immerse you in what the old called heavenly consciousness, enlightenment, or divine light. In fact, this what we refer to today as Spirit, Ascension, or Source.

Though you will not be able to explain the quantum psychic when emerging, you will surely experience it. Aurora quartz will introduce a dynamic holographic universe that has mystical interconnectedness and multidimensional consciousness.

This crystal will also show the limitless possibilities of the universal mind. This works by dissolving the blocks between the various dimensions of creation.

Aurora quartz will even facilitate the awakening of the kundalini at the highest-level drawing luminescent energies up through the dominant channel to open the higher chakras. The crystal will connect you to your higher self with whom a spiritual marriage created, igniting spiritual awakening.

Healing Power of Aurora Quartz

Aurora Quartz brings bioscalar waves that will activate the self-healing mechanism of the body. It will also unclamp white and red blood cells energetically. This crystal, on the other hand, will prepare the dominant nervous system for a vibrational boost.

If you want to rebalance, cleanse, and purify all your chakras, sweep a piece of aurora quartz from the base to the higher crown chakras, then back again to the earth star in order to ground the energies.

By adapting the energy bodies to higher frequencies, aurora quartz will anchor the light body to the physical.

This will heal diseases caused by a conflict between the delicate bodies when they fail to integrate prolonged consciousness. If the power of the kundalini is uplifting in undirected fashions and prolonged consciousness is making inequalities in the physical body, aurora quartz will help the integration process. It will also release emotional blocks preventing spiritual awakening.

Transformational Power of Aurora Quartzes

power of aurora quartz

Aurora quartz will open your energy field to divine possibilities as well as the interconnectedness of all life. The crystal will complete the spiritual attunement assisted by other high-vibration stones, harmonizing the new frequencies so the whole of formation benefits from the quantum uplift.

How to Harness the Powers of Aurora Quartz

To harness its power, meditate with aurora quartz on the soma chakra. Or simply put in under your pillow in order to drive to the uppermost spiritual extents to stir the soul.

If you want to gain energy and strength, you can place it on your body above the heart region. Doing so, you will be able to experience a powerful surge of energy.


Aurora Quartz is a wonderful crystal that is popular for its power of quantum consciousness and capability to bring spiritual and heavenly development to the user. If you want to develop a new relationship and strengthen the connections with the existing ones with respect, love, and trust, this crystal can be very beneficial.

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