The Power of Bloodstone

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Bloodstone is believed to be a magical crystal because of its power of purification, the capability to transform negative energies to positive ones, and offer protection. You can use this crystal to purify, cure, ground, and energize the energies within your home. Just like any other crystals, Bloodstone can benefit you in many ways. If you want to learn more about the power of bloodstone, then keep on reading.

The Power of Bloodstone: Purification

  • Chakra Correspondence

In healing grids and crystal body layouts, it is believed that Bloodstone works in purifying the lower chakras and at the same realigning their energies.

This crystal will also strengthen your root or base chakra and will improve physical vitality. In fact, this will effectively get rid of sluggishness.

Also, when you place it on your heart chakra, Bloodstone may ground and balance your heart energies.

  • Physiological Correspondence

As the name implies, bloodstone is primarily linked to blood as well as blood circulation. Further, this crystal is also beneficial for the immune system, adrenals, intestines, metabolic processes, spleen, bladder, detoxification, and acidification balance.

  • Vibration

The earthy grounding and vibrations of the nobility of Bloodstone will awaken the warrior energies in yourself. What’s more, the vibration it releases is that of purification and courage.

Legendary Power of Bloodstone

Legendary Power of Bloodstone

In the actual fact, bloodstone has been known for quite some time for its magical power in banishing evil and controlling the weather. Through the medieval and ancient world, this crystal was used as a talisman.

Bloodstone, one of the earliest known healing crystals, occurs in a 500-year-old recipe in Mesopotamia for purifying the blood that negates the later legends that the crystal was molded at the crucifixion when the blood of Christ fell on Jasper at the bottom of the cross.

On the other hand, bloodstone was believed to have the power to heal the wound. Actually, its coagulant effect comes from the stone’s iron oxide. Pliny said that Bloodstone was thought to confer the hiddenness of the owner.

Bloodstone, in the language of crystals, symbolizes wisdom as well as courage. Agrippa, a magician said that Bloodstone ensured long life and fame. What’s more, Victorians used it to gesture “I MOURN YOUR ABSENCE”.

Often Bloodstone and Heliotrope are conflated particularly in early lapidaries. However, bloodstone is opaque while Heliotrope is translucent.

Healing Power of Bloodstone

Bloodstone especially in the middle ages was attributed with the capability to stop nosebleeds. However, its association with the kidneys and blood dates back to Mesopotamia. As a matter of fact, it was even powdered and mixed with egg white and honey in order to reduce tumors, staunch hemorrhages, and get rid of snake venom.

Based on the Alfonso lapidary, this crystal hung over the abscess cleared pure-faction in a day. Actually, by simply looking at the stone it will prevent eye disease.

The powder usually dried watery secretions due to the great dryness and heat of the bloodstone. These days, those who are working with crystals use Bloodstone in order to strengthen the kidneys and blood and to cleanse subtle energy. Also, it is believed to lessen the formation of excretion and to prevent over-acidification.

Transformational Power of Bloodstone

The good thing about bloodstone is that it will protect your souls at various levels. This will then keep undesirable entities as well as dispelling mental confusion. Bloodstone is also considered a shapeshifting crystal since its color is changing in different lights and it will teach you to invisibly travel between the realms and negotiate various worlds. In day-to-day life, this crystal show when it is right to strategically withdraw from situations but it will instill the courage to confront threats when needed.

If you need to adjust a new circumstance, carry a piece of bloodstone. Bloodstone will heal the ancestral line by dispelling negative patterns assisting you to live in the current untrammeled by the past. With bloodstone, you will be able to raise vibrations thus you will become a purified being.

How to Harness the Powers of Bloodstone


If you want to stimulate your immune system and get rid of influenza and colds, you can place a piece of bloodstone over your higher heart chakra (thymus).

To dispel negativity energies, you can combine it with other crystals like Shungite, Turquoise, and Chrysoprase.

When harnessing its powers, bloodstone should be worn as jewelry. Heavy necklaces, pendants, and bracelets are good options.

Also, if you’re utilizing this crystal in any way to relieve anxiety and calm turbulent emotions, bloodstone should offer you a sense of pressure and weight constantly.

Wearing bloodstone jewelry will also protect you from internal as well as external enemies.


There is no denying that Bloodstone is a crystal that has many power and potential. The strength that this stone can inspire in anyone who learns to harness is amazing energies and powers make bloodstone a beneficial addition to the collection of a crystal lover.

The power of purification, boosted the immune system, and improved circulation is among the promises of Bloodstone. This stone shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to the number of powers that it can offer to people.

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