The Power of Preseli Bluestone

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The Power of Preseli Bluestone (1)

Preseli Bluestone is a popular stone that you can use in emotional, spiritual, and emotional healing. On the other hand, Preseli Bluestone symbolizes soul strengthening, emotional stability, previous life regression, courage, and truthfulness. Get to know more about the power of Preseli Bluestone below.

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The Power of Preseli Bluestone: Ancient Healing

Chakra Correspondence

Preseli Bluestone can benefit the solar plexus, earth star, and base root chakras. Moreover, its association with the throat chakra will also help in improving your communication skills and become even more fluent in speech.

If you want to energize your whole body using Preseli Bluestone, you need to place it on your soma chakra and allow the energy to freely flow inside the body.

Physiological Correspondence

Preseli Bluestone can help with different physical problems and illnesses like a weak immune system and throat-related problems. It is also good for the ears, hippocampus, electrical systems, and neurotransmitters.


Preseli Bluestone holds an earthy and high vibration that ancient energies. Its vibration will strongly resonate with the solar plexus chakra in order to stimulate your willpower as well as inspire courage.

Legendary Power of Preseli Bluestone

Legendary Power of Preseli Bluestone

Since it is carrying massive healing energy, Preseli Bluestone can radiate power and form a doorway to other dimensions. The dominant ring at the Stonehenge is actually made from this stone, a spotted dolerite carried over 200 miles from Pembrokeshire.

According to legend, Preseli Bluestone was flown from Ireland by Merlin the magician of King Arthur. However, this stone is 500 years and initially formed the outer circle of Stonehenge. Today, this outer circle known as the Aubrey holes mapped the eclipses and phases of the long moon cycle. As a matter of fact, Bluestone is the stone of far memory and dreaming.

Further, tradition tells that sick people were passed between Preseli Bluestone for healing purposes. In fact, a new and even earlier Bluestone circle has been recently found out nearby that archaeologists believed connected the domain of the dead with that of the living. With that in mind, bluestone has ancient connections to the ancestors and great for multidimensional traveling. It also connects to the archetypal, magical Merlin energies that can bring out the healer in everyone.

Associated with the Earth’s currents, Bluestone possesses a potent magnetic charge that is possible to harness Earth’s healing and to access old knowledge.

Preseli Bluestone will increase sensitivity to vibration, heightening consciousness of sound frequencies, crystal, and meridian.

Healing Power of Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone

Preseli Bluestone will make unshakable core stability for the energetic and physical bodies by restoring energetic harmony and balancing the meridians.

When placed through your thymus gland, Preseli Bluestone will energetically strengthen your subtle immune system. At the base of your skull, the stone will harmonize the brain stem and activate the hippocampus – it is an inner compass that will orient you in the physical world.

As a potent earth harmonizer, Preseli Bluestone will amend the effects of electromagnetic smog as well as light pollution.

It will facilitate deep karmic healing, but with the assistance of experienced practitioners. Also, if you combine it with chalk, Preseli Bluestone will produce a strong battery that can help in combating energy depletion in the Earth or physical body.

Transformational Power of Preseli Bluestone

If you’ve lost your sense of spiritual path, Preseli Bluestone will reconnect you to the purpose of your life. It will focus your mind and strengthen your willpower, helping you to face challenges with composure.

If your emotional energy or part of your soul remains entangled in the past, Preseli Bluestone will free you to live in the present moment.

It is also worth mentioning that if headaches develop when using Preseli Bluestone, turn yourself or stone so that its magnetic resonance will align with the earth.

How to Harness the Powers of Preseli Bluestone

If you want to reconnect to your ancient knowing, transcend time, and access future or past, place Preseli Bluestone over the base of your skull or on the soma chakra.

While there are many different ways to utilize the Preseli Bluestone, the most recommended one is to meditate with it. in fact, doing so will allow you to experience serenity. If you are looking forward to meditating with Preseli Bluestone make sure to hold it on your hand and sit facing the east.

But if you want to obtain psychic gifts like drowsing and geomancy through the use of this stone, you should place it under your pillow before sleeping.


Without a doubt, Preseli Bluestone is a popular stone that has a wide variety of healing properties. It is also a highly spiritual stone that can strengthen your soul and at the same time stimulate clairsentience, psychic gifts, and clairvoyance.

What’s more, Preseli Bluestone has the capability to bring abundance, prosperity, and success to your life.

It can also help with different physical problems and illnesses like broken bones, electrical imbalance in the body, and sleeplessness.

Preseli Bluestone is a wonderful stone that can bring joy and peace to your life so that you will be able to spend the life that way you wanted it to be.

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