The Best Crystal Combinations For Kunzite

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Kunzite is a wonderful crystal, filled with joy and energy in nature. This beautiful crystal comes in a variety of colors from the light violet to the palest pink hues. Dubbed as the Stone of Emotion, Kunzite helps open and connect the mind to the heart and stimulates a healing communion between the two. Although a fairly young stone, in terms of its discovery, kunzite is already a popular stone thanks to its wonderful healing benefits. You can further amplify these wonderful benefits by using the best crystal combinations for kunzite.

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The Best Crystal Combinations for Kunzite and Their Benefits

Kunzite and Smithsonite Combination Benefits


Kunzite is a powerful healing stone that should give you inner peace and a high capacity for obtaining understanding and wisdom. Its light hues help calm the chaos and noise in your life so that you can enjoy serenity and peace whenever you need it.

For better peace, you can use kunzite with smithsonite. The smithsonite crystal is a powerful stone that is particularly beneficial if you’re undergoing stress. With its soothing energy, you can restore the feelings of harmony, relaxation, and inner peace. Like kunzite, smithsonite also comes with pink to lavender hues or a mixture of these colors that can help in emotional healing.

In addition, using both stones stimulates your heart chakra, providing you the ability to forgive and show compassion to others. Since it works the heart chakra, the kunzite and smithsonite combo stimulate loving emotions and joy flow within you.

This pairing is also useful for healing past traumas, especially during your childhood. Smithsonite helps in supporting you to accept and heal your trauma from the past which might have originated when you were a child. It helps heal your inner child and assisting you to let go of those pains and wounds.

Meanwhile, if such trauma caused you to have trouble connecting with others, the Kunzite should be able to help. Like smithsonite, it helps you recover from painful memories, by restoring innocence and trust as well as promoting tolerance for yourself and having empathy for the others.

Kunzite and Pink Tourmaline Combination Benefits

The pinkish variety of Kunzite is dubbed as the Woman’s Stone. Thus, it is highly supportive for first-time and young mothers as well as the single moms out there who have a hard time caring for their little ones.

Kunzite is also a great stone for overactive children or sleepless babies. But, when you pair it with the most loving stones for children— the pink tourmaline— you further amplify its healing benefits. Pink tourmaline is a powerful crystal used to help children having sleep issues, particularly the spiritually sensitive children, thanks to its centering and calming qualities.

Thus, this pairing helps a mother deal with their little ones a bit easier. Furthermore, the kunzite and pink tourmaline combo are also helpful for young girls. As kunzite helps them during the puberty stage, allowing them to love their changing bodies, the pink tourmaline is the best gemstone for emotional support for early teenage pregnancy and assisting in deepening bonds with the baby.

Kunzite and Rose Quartz Combination Benefits

crystal combinations for kunzite

Kunzite, although not a popular love stone, is a powerful stone for love with its loving pink and light violet colors. And when you pair it with the most powerful crystal for love— rose quartz with its gentle pink essence— you will enjoy loving vibrational energy.

As the Crystal of Unconditional Love, the Rose Quartz with its soft feminine energy brings in healing, peace, comfort, and nourishment to the heart chakra. It shows you how to love without expecting any in return and still have a deep sense of personal contentment and fulfillment.

With the Kunzite and Rose Quartz pairing, you get a romantic combo, increasing your chance to find the love of your life or your soulmate. AS the rose quartz exudes with self-loving vibrational energies, kunzite helps you enhance your communication with others, allowing you to feel or think whatever it is you want to share with your loved one, intimately.

With both stones on hand, you should be able to overcome any obstacles in your love life, exudes loving and caring vibrational energies, so you can build a better and long-lasting relationship.

Kunzite and Moonstone Combination Benefits

Most people don’t know that kunzite is also a great traveling crystal. Kunzite, especially the Lilac variety, is a great gemstone that helps you guard against stress while driving and road rage. Not only that, but this crystal also helps calm down difficult or equally stressed passengers in your car.

Now, you can pair kunzite with the legendary Traveler’s Stone— moonstone— to further amplify these protective benefits. Moonstone with its calming hues is particularly protective when you travel upon the water or by night, thanks to its deep association with the peaceful moon and water.

With this one of the best crystal combinations for kunzite, you can have a safe traveling, with lilac kunzite having the additional property of protecting you against harmful spirits when you visit locations where negative events happened.   

Final Thoughts

Kunzite with its light and beautiful hues and being a highly spiritual and protective crystal can help fill your life with all things beautiful and joyful. And by pairing it with the right crystals like the ones mentioned above, you should further amplify its properties for better healing.

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